Research Seminar Competitive Grant and Grant Tim Masters

On the day Wednesday, January 30, 2008, in Basic Science A has implemented Competitive Grant Research Seminar and Post Graduate Tim Grant. FITB lecturers who presented the results of his work are:

1. Prof.Dr.Ir. Deny Juanda Puradimaja, DEA (KK Applied Geology) iwakili by team members Irawan D. Erwin, ST, MT: Presenting aspects of the quality of groundwater with the control relationship between the river and the aquifer hydrodynamics in S. Ciliwung flows. Competitive Grants Program in 2007 year-to-2. Keyword: Volcanic hydrogeology
2. Dr.Ir. Budi Brahmantyo, M.Sc (Applied Geology KK): Presenting the method of estimating underground river with tracer geophysical and physical-chemical properties of the groundwater in the area Buniayu, South Sukabumi. Competitive Grants Program in 2008 year-to-1. Key word: karst hydrogeology, underground river.
3. Dr.Ir. Idham Chalid Abdullah (KK Geology and Paleontology): Presenting P. Sumba genesis of the tectonic and geochemical. Competitive Grants Program in 2008 year-to-1. Key word: Tectonic of Sumba Island.

Congratulations for professors who successfully complete the research properly. The next task is to publish research results. The next research proposal is expected. For researchers who recently completed year-to-1, survivors
work to research 2nd year.

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