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Erwin Irawan D, ST. MT describes the results of a study entitled “Hydrochemistry characterization to Classify Groundwater System on Mt. Ciremai Volcanic Aquifer System” on Thursday (17/4). The presentation which took place in the Meeting Room of Geology Engineering Department is carried out within the framework of the regular monthly FITB KK Applied Geology. Mount Ciremai located in the border district of Kuningan and Majalengka, Cirebon south has about 200 underground springs. In order to protect the quantity and quality of the springs and water wells, is important to know the characteristics of the existing hydrogeological system. The main problem is how to connect the catchment areas (recharge area) in the summit area with the output area (discharge area) on the slopes of the belt in the form of wells and springs. The purpose of this research is small scale hydrogeological system on a ridge Ciremai, shallow ground water and phreatic water. Erwin research methodology consisted of 3 groups of field parameters including springs observation, hydrochemistry, and statistical analysis. A total of 15 parameters were analyzed using principal components analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis (CA). The main source of water in Ciremai tears of fracture (fracture) and pressure (depression). Tears fault mainly derived from lava flows while the spring pressure comes from contact between grains of soil lapukan with young pyroclastic rocks. Exodus springs greater at lower altitudes. These conditions indicate the flow of ground water accumulates on the belt springs on the lower zones. D. Erwin Irawan is a researcher at the Applied Geology KK FITB. Erwin holds a Master of Engineering Geology ITB in 2001 with a thesis entitled “Characterisation of aquifer system and Watershed Land of the Volcano Strato. A case study: Zona Spring on the Slopes of East Mount Ciremai, Cilimus” Jalaksana, Indonesia. “Besides Erwin, regular meetings KK monthly FITB Applied Geology is also filled with presentations Volcanic Deposition Sources Analysis for Reconstructing aquifer system Volcanoes Regional Cikalongwetan, Kab. Bandung by Munib Ikhwatun Iman.

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