Earth Day Almost Meaningless

In addition to warning of Al Gore, a documentary entitled An Inconvenient Truth (An Inconvenient Truth) has also been circulated worldwide. In fact, the film was an award-winning film Oscar. However, not many people come to realize the dangers of global warming and to make efforts to overcome them. “Since the researchers claim that we have ten years to halt rising sea levels, the situation is deteriorating,” he said. According to Al Gore, growing concern for the earth is dying it only lasts during the commemoration of Earth Day was just fine. After that, the citizens of the world also seem to forget. The first Earth Day was celebrated in the United States. Initially, a US senator, Gaylord Nelson, a speech about the environment in 1969. He stated that there is large-scale demonstrations on the environment related to the further degradation of the earth conditions. Many people who support Nelson. That support continues to grow and culminated with the holding of the monumental Earth Day on 22 April 1970. At that time, millions of people took to the streets, demonstrating on Fifth Avenue in New York. They called for ending the destruction of the earth. Not less than 1,500 colleges and 10,000 schools participated in a rally in New York, Washington, and San Francisco. The movement was followed by people in different countries around the world. Since then, the date of the demonstration was celebrated as Earth Day. (Source: http: //

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