FITB Lecturer participation in ITB Affairs Agencies

In the framework of activities of Tri Dharma College, several clerks Academic FITBITB, based on skills / scientific, has been asked to be part of the agency’s activities outside the ITB, as follows:

1. Ir. Lambok M. Hutasoit, Ph.D. (Applied Geology KK) was asked to become deputy FITB-ITB as one Team Technical Engineering Utilization of Water anah in West Java “by the Department of Mines and Energy Government of West Java Province.
2. Ir. Benjamin Sapiie, Ph.D (Geology KK) was asked as a counterpart by the Southeast Asia Research Group, Department of Earth Sciences / Geology, Royal Halloway University of London (Rhul) in the “Research Cooperation (ITB – Rhul) in June-September 2008 Togian island, North Sulawesi ”
3. Ivonne M. Radjawane, M.Sc., Ph.D. (KK Oceanography) are required as a resource in the “Research Carbon Sea in waters of Indonesia in the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism” by the Center for Research Resources Sea region and non-biological, Marine and Fisheries Research Agency, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
4. Dr. Eng. Nining Sari Ning, MS. (KK Oceanography) and Ir. Kosasih Prijatna, M.Sc. (KK Geodesy), requested as a resource in the “Dynamics Observatory Marine Research in Indonesian waters by Using Satellite altimetry and Numerical Model” by the Center for Marine Research and Observation, Research Agency for Marine and Fisheries, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries based in Bali.
5. Dr. Eng. Nining Sari Ning, MS. (KK Oceanography), asked to be the source in “Research Analysis of Regional Sea waters in Relation to the Dynamics of Marine Resources” by Research Centre Sea region and Resource non-biological, Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, as for the purpose of this research is to measure osenografi parameter in the Indian Ocean and the Strait Karimata, as well as reviewing its relationship with fish migration patterns.
6. Dr.Ir. Eddy A. Subroto (KK Geology), a petroleum geochemist, was asked to become a member of Team “Joint Research and Evaluation on Hydrocarbon Potential in Indonesia” by the Center for Resource Geology, Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia for the period April – December 2008
7. Dr.Ir. Budi Brahmantyo, M.Sc. (Applied Geology KK) and Adri Hernandi, ST., MT (KK Surveying and Cadastre), was asked to be a participant in the “Expedition Geography Indonesia (EGI) 2008” by the Center for Land Survey of Natural Resources, Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping Agency. The expedition is scheduled to last for nine (9) days in the 3rd week of July 2008, located in South Sulawesi province was chosen because the peculiarities of an interesting phenomenon to be observed, with the aim to prepare a book and a map of these expeditions is expected to provide information to the general public so as to know and recognize the biological elements, the non biodiversity and culture of the area
8. Dr. Tri Wahyu Hadi (Atmospheric Sciences KK) was requested by the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Bogor as a team of researchers in the “Research and Development Consortium Global Climate Change Impacts on the Agricultural Sector”

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