For What Got Oil?

In the past, the New Order era, I still remember very clearly that every time there is news about the decline of oil prices in the world market, the Indonesian government has lamented. At that time, Indonesia recorded proved reserves of 12 billion barrels. Now, at this time of the Reformation, more specifically during a power Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Jusuf Kalla, the government also shouting, complaining, and panic if the oil price increases in the world market.

Oil prices fell shouting, oil prices rose by more shouting again and panic. So, what is the point we have oil, while Indonesia since the beginning has been a member of OPEC? How absurd this situation? Very controversial. Oil was none other than a curse.
Backup untouched

Until now, Indonesia is officially called still has oil reserves of 9 billion barrels. It is true that, when compared to the oil reserves of the Middle East countries, 9 billion barrels it has no meaning. However, clearly Indonesia still had oil. In addition to the old backup, backup Cepu block yet can also be utilized. Not to mention the oil reserves are enormous off the west coast of Aceh. Note that in the mid-1970s Indonesia produced 1.5 million barrels per day. Very prominent in Indonesia’s oil industry is tik progress in developing technology Indonesian oil altogether. Norway in the early 1980s has oil reserves are almost equal to Indonesia.

The difference is they do not have the history of the development of the oil industry such as Indonesia are already developing the oil industry since the days of the Dutch East Indies, so long before World War 2. Besides all the Norwegian oil fields are offshore in the North Atlantic Ocean. The environment is very fierce; strong winds, currents are very swift and very low temperatures; the waves are always high. Offshore technology, specifically about oil, they take over from the United States in just 10 years. After 10 years there is no longer the American experts who work in Norway. I had the opportunity to work on offshore platforms Norway and visit all of Norway’s offshore platforms.

There was an American expert whom I met there even if the capital is American, with the exception of one; an Indonesian of Chinese descent from Semarang who was the first to greet me so jump out of the helicopter and hold on runway safety nets. He said as he hit the deck holding the rope nets, “I’m from Semarang, sir.” He was an engineer in the car that accidentally flown from the office magnitude on the US mainland to greet me on the deck offshore platform named Stadfyord A in the North Atlantic. It was there, and in anjungan- other platforms, I am told that they do not require the technology of America again. They’ve been able to independently and in some cases have been able to develop new technologies, especially in the installation of gas pipes and oil pipelines on the ocean floor.

Marine technology and underwater technology they controlled very well and has always been famous Norwegian people as a nation that is very resilient and brave. They are descendants of the Vikings. There is one thing that is very interesting. Norway’s oil minister in person once told me that Norway by implementing enhanced recovery technology from America managed to increase oil reserves of Norway with a three-fold without touching the new areas. It’s something really amazing. Norway never offer such technology to Indonesia, but they have asked the oil concessions of its own with the same general terms with other companies. This happened in the late 1980s.

However, we are still too complacent with the “easiness” by American companies. Pertamina officials would not listen. Halem Gro Brundtland, former prime minister, telling the same thing to me. For another example, see Petronas. Formula 1 race at the Sepang Circuit sponsored by Petronas. Petronas was studying oil from Pertamina, but now much richer than Pertamina. Towering twin buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Ironically, many young men / Indonesian engineer who worked in Petronas.

Why so many citizens of Indonesia can work well and perform abroad, but went back into the system so Indonesia can not do much? If we are allowed to “quote” Hamlet, he bekata, “There is something rotten, not in the Kingdom of Denmark, but here, in the Republic of Indonesia.”

One disadvantage Indonesia and errors of our nation is to have the nature of complacency (these words do not exist in Indonesian, look in the dictionary Indonesian anywhere), that kind of attitude off guard-complacent, forgetting substantially increase alertness and achievement so easily overtaken and surpassed others. See perbulutangkisan (example Taufik Hidayat). See Indonesia and PSSI football now. The chairman just curled up in jail insisted would not be replaced even been reprimanded by FIFA. What does it mean that all? We, the people of Indonesia no longer know ethics, no longer have my pride, and no more shameless. Point.

Pertamina’s inability to develop petroleum technology is one excellent example of how mismanagement of an industry. Oil and gas in Cepu and Natuna aspirated foreign companies, while the state hardly get anything. In this case, Pertamina was not the only one. Watch really all Indonesian state-owned company to another. No other comment.

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