Water Crisis Widens

Drought intensified so with increasingly wide area coverage. Some areas in West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta and South Sumatra have even started a water crisis, both for rice and clean water for their daily needs.

Rice crop drought was more widespread. Drought rice crop in the Bantul district has reached 180 hectares (ha) and 119 ha of which puso or crop failure. Head of Agriculture Bantul Edy Suharyanto, Monday (7/7), stated, losses estimated at more than USD 500 million.

To prevent dryness, more broadly, it gives support 22 units of water pumps. In Purworejo, 530 ha of rice crops to drought and 22 ha of which puso. Head of Production of Paddy and Secondary Crops Tasikmalaya District Agriculture Office, Mr. Prayatna Soni on Monday, said farmers in his area in order to save the existing plants in various ways.

Plants that can still be saved is still irrigated crops. As for the current water crisis, for example, has already hit the Kulon Progo and Palembang. Observations in Kulon Progo, on Monday, shows, clean water is not only scarce in the hills, but also around the slopes up to the foot of the hill. Villagers are forced to conserve water usage.

Late June, the drought hit Jatimulyo village, Purwosari, and Giripurwo in District Girimulyo. Over the past week, drought extends to the village of Hargowilis, Hargotirto, and Hargorejo in Kokap. Paimin (42), Hamlet Segajih, Hargotirto, said water discharge flowing from the hose hers continue to shrink. In fact, it is not uncommon flow of water stopped completely full day. “Inevitably our family had to save water. Inflows into jars used for cooking and drinking.

If you want to bathe or wash, we walk down to the river at the bottom of the hill. The distance is about 1 kilometer, “said Paimin Monday. More than 500 people living in the suburbs of the city of Palembang since three weeks ago was also difficult to get clean water, as wells have dried up. Most of the poor must rely on water from catchment sources in small marsh around their home.

Residents who can afford to buy clean water around Rp 4,000 per gallon sizes of 20 liters. Clean water crisis in Palembang occurred in the District Sukarami, Sukabangun, and Jakabaring. Nurahman (45), Chairman of RT 12, RT 12 RW 16, Village Sukabangun I, Sukarami, said around 100 families in the region is currently difficult to get clean water.

Extreme drought Station Chief Climatology Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) Kenten, Palembang, Muhammad Irdham, explains most of the districts / cities in South Sumatera will suffer drought during July to October. Irdham explained that the drought in the South Sumatra-scale extreme because the indicator is more than 1,750.

For low drought indicator 0-999 scale, the scale was in 1000-1499, and the 1500-.1750 high scale. If more than 1,750, have been classified as extreme.

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