Fossils from eBay Deals That Turns New Species

A scientist who bought a small segment of fossil insects fossilized in resin (amber) never thought that the animal was a new species. Moreover, he only bought it for 20 pounds or around Rp320,000.

Dr Richard Harrington, vice president of the Entomological Society in UK bought the fossil from someone in Lithuania. Seeing his uniqueness, he then sent it to his colleague, Professor Ole heie, specialist insect fossils in Denmark to study.

Once identified, it was discovered that the insect was a new species although it has been extinct today. Insects are then given the scientific name Mindarus harringtoni. “He found that the insect has never been described before,” said Dr. Harrington.

The insects have a body length of 3-4 cm and is estimated to have teperangkap in amber for 40-50 million years ago. During his life the insect prey on vegetation types Pinites succinifer. The plants also are extinct today.

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Berita Terkait