Eid Gathering 1429 Family ITB

Bandung, fitb.itb.ac.id. – Located in the garden of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth Family of FITB hold events to commemorate the friendship Idul Fitri 1429 H. event which took place on this day Saturday, October 11, 2009 was attended by invitees comprised of faculty leaders, teachers, employees of non academic, full service, outstanding faculty and the entire family each. The event started pkl 10.00 am and end around 13:00 street vendors, the event took place with a solemn but filled with a sense of kinship.

The event started with the recitation from the Holy Quran followed by a speech Mr. Lambok Hutasoit, Ph.D as the Dean of FITB. In his speech he say Happy Idul Fitri 1429 H to the whole family of the FITB and hope the activities that take place can increase the sense of togetherness and family all over the Big Family FITB.

Main event filled with lectures delivered by Ustadz Taufik Ismail, in his lecture he said that all activities carried out by Big Family FITB always lived with a sense of sincerity. Due to the sincere was our deeds accepted by Allah as righteous deeds. Fasting has been done for a whole month should make us become better and we are starting with a clean heart as the essence of Eid itself. As scholars say that Eid will not wear new clothes but Eid is to add obedience to Allah. (Red)

After the lecture finished the event continued with a prayer led by Ustadz Taufik Ismail, a prayer followed by khusyu by the entire audience. The next activity is a common meal looks all followed with a sense of joy, looked lively for the whole family enlivened by the presence of children. To enliven the event interspersed with entertainment through music karaoke donated them by Mr. Rosa Ipantani (Prodi Geology), Mr. Yan Romi Indra (Head SP), Mr. Yaya S (Head Sisfo) etc.

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