XVII Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT XVII) Remote Sensing Society of Indonesia (Mapin)

Society of Remote Sensing Indonesia (Mapin), as a professional organization in the field of remote sensing, will organize the agenda of its annual form of the Annual Scientific Meeting XVII (PIT XVII) in the form of talk shows, seminars and exhibitions with the theme “” Policy and Trend of Remote Sensing Technology in Natural Resources Management and the Environment “held at:

Date: December 10, 2008
Venue: East Hall ITB, Jalan Ganesa 10 Bandung

Through PIT XVII Mapin this time is expected to produce works in a solution-based natural resource management and sustainable environmentally friendly based remote sensing, especially in the areas of:

     1. The land use / land cover
2. Habitat and ecosystems
3. Agriculture, forestry, mining and industrial
4. watershed, coastal and marine
5. Modeling landscape
6. Mitigation and monitoring natural disasters
7. Microwave remote sensing
8. LIDAR and applications
9. Development of sensor
10. Development of image processing
11. Policy remote sensing

To that end the committee provided an opportunity to participate in the form of papers, posters and exhibition of products with the following provisions:


1. Papers are sent in the form of a ZIP consisting of four directories: text, images, tables and formulas.
2. The text Directory lists full text (including abstract), written using a text editor (Notepad) and save it with the extension .tex, NOT in a Microsoft .doc format (.doc). Text format follows the example of the format (template.tex) are included.
3. Directory image contains the image in PNG format with the naming format as an example: gambar1.png, gambar2.png and so on.
4. Directory table contains tables in Microsoft Word format (.doc).
5. Directory formula contains formulas in Microsoft Word format (.doc)
6. If you want to see a printout of the paper you are writing, you can use the software Latex or Latex You can also use the Online Editor (www.monkeytex.com)
7. Not all papers presented
8. The deadline for receipt of papers: December 1, 2008 9.

Papers sent by email: office@crs.itb.ac.id


1. Posters can be written in Indonesian or English
2. Poster size is not more than 1.2 x 1.8 meters
3. The font and font size porposional with poster
4. The deadline for registration poster: December 1, 2008
5. Poster can be installed at the time of implementation.


1. pantia presents the exhibition hall 2 x 3 meter complete
2. The deadline for registration exhibitions: December 1, 2008
3. Exhibits can be installed at the time of the committee presents the award for best presenter and presenter.


1. General Rp. 250,000.00
2. Members Mapin Rp. 150,000.00
3. Students S1 / S2 Rp. 50000.00
4. The cost of exhibition stand Rp.3.500.000,00

Can be transferred bank: BNI Buah Batu, Bandung No. 0116448351 in the name of Yan Shofian Sy. or payable at registration on the day of execution.

Further information can contact the committee:

MAPIN komwil Bandung/Center for Remote Sensing (CRS), ITB
Gedung LabTek IX-C, Lantai-3Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung (40132) Indonesia
Telp. +62-22-2530701 Ext. 3660, 022-91628828
Fax. +62-22-2530702
Email : office@crs.itb.ac.id
Website :http://www.mapin.or.id/, http://crs.itb.ac.id,
Contact person : Asep Hadiyana (08562140710), Firman hadi (081320034554).

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