Introduction of Studies at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth

Bandung, (12/12) Located in Building LFM ITB, Faculty of Earth Science and Technology (FITB) conducting the introduction of courses for students Common Preparatory program (TPB) force in 2009/2010. The theme of the introduction of the study program is on alternative energy and how the role of the students FITB forward.

Pkl show starts at 7:30 pm and is opened by the Dean of FITB Ir. Lambok Hutasoit, M.Sc, Ph.D and gives an introduction to alternative energy. In his presentation he highlighted that the Indonesian nation in the future must be able to use alternative energy as it has been formulated in the Presidential Decree in 2006 on national energy sources.

Dr. Hambali Hasan attended as guests and representatives of the Meteorological Prodi, he is an alumni of ITB Electrical Engineering and now is CEO of one of the leading hotels in Bogor. In his presentation he explained about the use of alternative energy technologies dipraktekannya windmills in Bogor. Of Engineering Geology Dr.Ir. Priadi Bambang explained about the use of alternative uses of nuclear energy and the utilization of geothermal waterwheel. Meanwhile Dr. Eka Djunarsah along with student representatives of Geodesy and Geomatics describes Geographical Information System castor oil which can be used as a decision support system in the use of alternative energy. Recently Dr. Eng. Totok Suprijo represent Prodi Oceanography describes the use of ocean currents as an alternative energy solution of the future. Simultaneously menampilakan video works oceanography students who managed to find the power turbine uses the energy of ocean currents.

Events question and answer session was greeted enthusiastically by students who asked questions about the profile of courses that will dipilhnya related occupations, energy use and environmental impact, windmill technology, utilization of alternative energy and others. To reflect events, Dr.Ir. Budi Brahmantyo as moderator invited the audience to sing the national anthem from Sabang to Merauke. Events introduction pkl study program ends at 11.0 pm and continued with guardianship for students in the room that has been set with the guardian of her.

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