Handover Position Kaprodi and Laboratory Manager and Environmental Awards in the FITB

Bandung, fitb.itb.ac.id (19/01) Starting in 2010 Faculty of Earth Science and Technology held a handover Chairman of the Program Managers as well as awards to Kaprodi Laboratory, Laboratory Manager, KK Chairman and Coordinator of the Faculty. The event began around 12:00 pkl begins with lunch afterwards followed by reading the Rector’s Decree 471 / SK / K01 / KP / 2009 regarding the appointment of Chairman of the Program.

The event was attended by all the lecturers in the Faculty of Science and Technology Kebumian.Dalam speech, Dean of FITB Ir. Lambok M Hutasoit, Ph.D thank you for your dedication and service that has been provided to all Head of Departments of the period (2007-2009). As well as to congratulate the new Chairman of the Program are mostly believed to be back for the next term of office. Here are the names of the Chairman of the Program of old and new Chairman of the Program.


No Study program Kaprodi (2007-2009) New Kaprodi
 1 Geological Engineering (Bachelor) Dr.Ir. Dardji Noeradi Dr.Eng. Imam A Sadisun
 2 Geodesy and Geomatics (Bachelor) Dr. Eka Djunarsah Dr. Eka Djunarsah
 3 Oceanography (Bachelor) Ivonne M Radjawane, Ph.D Dr.rer.nat Mutiara R Putri
 4 Meteorology (Bachelor) Dr.rer.nat Armi Susandi Dr. Plato M Siregar
 5 Groundwater engineering (Master) Dr.Eng. Imam A Sadisun Dr. Prihadi S
 6 Geological Engineering (Masters & PhD) Dr.Eng. Imam A Sadisun Dr.Ir. Dardji Noeradi
 7 Geodesy and Geomatics (Masters & PhD) Dr. Agung Budiharto Dr. Agung Budiharto
 8 Earth Sciences Ivonne R Radjawane, Ph.D Ivonner R Radjawane, Ph.D

Additionally submitted charter awards including:

 No office Name
Expertise Group / Scientific
 1 Chairman KK Geology Prof.Dr. I Made Emmy Relawati Suparka
 2 Chairman KK Applied Geology Prof.Dr. Deny Juanda Puradimaja, DEA
 3 Chairman KK Geodesy Prof.Dr. Hasanuddin Z Abidin
 4 Chairman of Atmospheric Sciences KK Prof.Dr. Bayong Tjasyono
 5 Chairman KK Oceanography Prof. Safwan Hadi, Ph.D
 6 Chairman KK Surveying and Cadastre Dr.Ir. S. Hendriatiningsih
 7 Chairman of the Science and Engineering KK Hydrographic Prof.Dr. Widyo Nugroho SULASDI
 8 Chairman KK Insig Prof.Dr. Ishak H Ismullah
Chairman of the Program Period (2007-2009)
 1 Geological Engineering (Bachelor) Dr. Ir. Dardji Noeradi
 2 Geological Engineering (Masters & PhD) Dr.Eng Imam A Sadisun
 3 Geodesy and Geomatics (Bachelor) Dr. Eka Djunarsah
 4 Geodesy and Geomatics (Masters & PhD) Dr. Agung Budiharto
 5 Oceanography (Bachelor) Ivonne M Radjawane, Ph.D
 6 Meteorology (Bachelor) Dr.rer.nat Armi Susandi
 7 Groundwater engineering (Master) Dr.Eng Imam A Sadisun
 8 Earth Sciences Ivonne M Radjawane, Ph.D
Other awards given to the Heads / Laboratory Manager and Coordinator of the Faculty. Besides Vice Dean for Resource Dr.Ir. Rubiyanto Kapid symbolically handed Laptop aid to the Chairman KK and Lab Manager to support research and academic activities. Photographs related please click here

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