One Day Training (Empowering Your Mind and Team)

Bandung, (23/01) In order to form a superior human resources and qualified Faculty of Earth Science and Technology (FITB) held a one-day training activity “Empowering your mind and Team” in collaboration with the Transformer (Consultant and Trainer HR). Activities carried out in the Seminar Room, Prof. Susilo Prawirowardoyo (Prodi ME / OS) on Saturday, January 23, 2010 followed by the Non-Academic Officer (PNA) in the FITB.

Vice Dean for Resource ITB Dr.Ir. Rubiyanto Kapid represent dean opened the event while giving a speech, he gave a goal the activities undertaken as part of efforts to realize the vision of an abbreviated FITB STSB “Sejahtera, Quiet, Healthy and Happy”. Around 09:00 pm pkl trainers consisting of Dra.Psi. Linda Saptadji, Dr.Ir. Nenny Saptadji, Ir. Ine Saptadji and Roestartika, S.Si guide the event which started with a presentation and simple games to train the balance between the right brain and left brain.

As a consultant who has been poor across Dra.PSi. Linda Saptadji able to lead the participants float in an atmosphere of togetherness among the participants. The training will create the power of the mind to construct the paradigm of thinking from different perspectives and create harmony starts from oneself, family, work and even the nation. Non Academic Employees (PNA) though only serves as a support but its role is required to support the academic activities, so the training is beneficial to be able to make the entire PNA in FITB provide excellent service and support. As one participant said Dadang Muchtar “Beda euy ieu training Sugan tea mah-Kitu Kitu keneh (different turns this training she thought was the same as training slots were always boring – ed)”. That one phrase that describes the satisfaction of one of the participants on the training. Completing the training Dr.Ir. Nenny Saptadji guide the participants to fill out the form introduction of yourself to be filled by the participants as much as 40 points the results to determine the human character of 4 (four) things: the Dominant (Type of Leadership), Compliance (Analysis), influent (Fame) and Steady (Hospitality hospitality). From these values, hoped the participants were able to recognize himself and friends in their work environment to get to know each other in order to support each other and work together in order to reach the destination through a formula (OAR) Ownership (take risks), Accountapable (mendelagasikan kepecayaan), and reponsibility (liability).

Put an end to these activities handed over certificates to all participants as evidence has participated in the one-day training “Empowering Your Mind and Team”, the event came to an end around 17:00 pm and all participants return to their homes with the spirit and passion of the training results that have been obtained.


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