Train Travel Peuyeum Argo Bandung – Mount Padang, Cianjur

Escape with Si Argo Peuyeum

by Budi Brahmantyo

WHEN Cipularang highway officially opened in 2005, no doubt changes to Bandung start budibumi7310428dirasakan. With access Cipularang which cut travel time from Jakarta to Bandung to just two and a half hours, spilled ruahlah vehicle license plate B thronged the narrow streets of the city of Bandung. On the one hand, Bandung tremendous economic benefit to visit Jakarta residents who spend money in the shops and stalls. However, on the other hand, the city’s traffic congestion can not be inevitable.

It has become a common expression if on Saturday-Sunday, Bandung belongs to the citizens of Jakarta. Moreover, if the weekend coincide with a long holiday as at the end of the year 2009. As if most people in Jakarta Tumplak in Bandung. Some of the favorite tourist destinations outside the city of Bandung, such as a lane Bandung – Lembang – Tangkubanparahu and Bandung – Ciwidey – Kawah Putih, solid either by private vehicle or large buses.

Saturday-Sunday, Bandung as if it had imprisoned its inhabitants themselves! But as a citizen of a big city, Bandung citizens of course should also play. With the situation Bandung crowded on weekends, a key to escape from Bandung actually is: use public transport, private vehicles left in the garage of the house, or go back in the morning the night.

Train Travel

There are other alternatives that are rarely selected citizens, that utilize the services of the train. Lots of choice with attractive tourist destination via railway mode in the outside lane around Bandung that is definitely solid. For example, by KRD Baraya Geulis that serves Padalarang – Cicalengka, citizens have the opportunity select the desired destination on the path to the west – east Bandung Raya.

At the west end, fell in padalarang railway station, there is a selection of Gua Pawon travel or forwarded towards Saguling with objects Saguling, Cave Sangiangtikoro, or alternatively rafting in Citarum. At the eastern end, get off at Station Cicalengka, the choice is quite interesting is the Waterfall (waterfall) Sindulang. Travel can be forwarded towards the area Kendan, Nagreg, somewhere is estimated remnants Kendan kingdom of the 7th century where the discovery of fragments of obsidian which is a source of natural stones ancient stone tools in Bandung Basin.

Rail diesel (KRD) Baraya Geulis (BG) is only intended as a mode of transport taking passengers who want to travel to locations along the path Padalarang – Bandung – Cicalengka. KRD BG is not designed as a significant tourist train as the railway that serves the tourist track along perjalananannnya.

If you’ve ever used Amtrak linking the west coast of America to the north central part with a travel time of 50 hours, to relieve boredom, Amtrak in cooperation with the National Park put some officers in cars. The officer acting as interpreter when a train crosses a part of the National Park, showing a landscape or certain sights.

Amtrak provides a series of carriages observation carriages with seats facing the big glass window. Thus, passengers can freely see the scenery outside the train. Amtrak also provides travel booklet with a map and explanation of what objects of interest along the way, and on which side of the window. Thus, passengers will move seat if interested in enjoying the scenery outside the train along the track shown on the map.

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The Argo Peuyeum

Actually, the style like Amtrak train travel can be tried on a historic path between Bandung – Cianjur. July 2009, an assessment with special interest tourists deliberately held using only one series of economic train with only two passenger carriages and locomotives type of BB that serves Bandung – Cianjur. Either because later passed Cipeuyeum stations, or a lot of passengers works as a peuyeum, or because the train is very populist, people familiar with this train as Si Argo Peuyeum, pun executive train like Argo Gede or Argo Wilis.

budibumi7310397Dengan just pay the ticket was very cheap at Rp 1.500- entourage depart from the station Ciroyom. The train stops at every station except Andir. So after Cimindi, Cimahi, Gadobangkong, then Padalarang, the two cars were already so crowded. Not only the passengers, but also mingle forth singers and hawkers shouting loudly offering their goods.

Imagine how the interpreter – although using a megaphone – trying to explain the geology along the route Ciroyom Bandung – Padalarang scrambling noise with noise-the noise. Interestingly, ordinary passengers who are not participants was carried also travel to follow instructions when the interpreter explained the object on the left or right side of the train window.

After passing padalarang railway station, Si Argo Peuyeum seems to be the king of steel rails as the track began to separate and split with crowded lanes Bandung – Purwakarta – Jakarta. A hike in the hills of limestone Tagogapu 30 million years old, the next train going down the valley of deep geological Cimeta Bandung, the river is an ancient Citarum before unstoppable in Ngamprah Padalarang by product Sunda eruption Purba and Mount Tangkubanparahu.

budibumi7310441Akhirnya, participants travel down in Cipeuyeum Station and continue by bus towards Cianjur and continue until Lampegan Station. If the path Cianjur – Cibeber – Lampegan has been repaired, the train actually leads to Station Lampegan with its tunnels were built between 1875 – 1882. The use of the bus on tour with the ultimate objective assessment sites of Mount Padang is merely the transfer in order to achieve the right time before kesorean.

Participants travel when it managed to climb approximately 378 stairs stone column at the sites of Mount Padang, got the “enlightenment” and the experience was incredible. Since departing from Ciroyom railway station, round trip train mingle with grassroots up Cipeuyeum, as well as enjoying the cool air inside the tunnel Lampegan and views of the tea plantations Panyairan and punden sites of Mount Padang, it was no longer complete tour that can be offered where even.

That’s one way to escape intelligent of kesumpekan Bandung on weekends. By means of an existing railway, we can use other tourist activities than others. Moreover, if PT KA creatively develop this path as a tourist track railway with a separate series of Si Argo Peuyeum. Of course the prices are much different.

(Budi Brahmantyo, Head of Planning and Promotion of Tourism / PP2Par ITB; Geological Engineering Department staff FITB, ITB; coordinator of the Research Group Basin Bandung / KRCB)

budibumi7310455Wisata Train Bandung-Cianjur Gunung Padang

Pearl Hidden Paths

by Ina Herliana Koswara

TOUR train in Indonesia is not as popular in other countries. Currently the only railway more as a means of transportation to reach their destination. The train has not been part of the experience of traveling. In fact, if explored further, a lot of potential that can be explored. These routes old historical value and which has a view of the object and interesting activities, potential as a tourist attraction.

Travel lanes using rail freight actually been developed as well. Train travel is already known is a train in Ambarawa travel. Several other areas in Indonesia also began to develop rail travel, such as West Sumatra. One travel lane railway should be developed in West Java Bandung-Cianjur path.


The railway line Bandung-Cianjur is part of the railway line first and oldest in West Java started in 1884. The line was initially connecting Bandung-Cianjur-Sukabumi and Bogor-Jakarta. However, this time the line is practically only serve the Bandung-Cianjur, twice a day by train in economy class. Because past Cipeuyeum stations, railway economy through this path twisted as Argo Peuyeum.

The path is relatively “quiet” is the potential to be revived, especially if they see the potential for tourism. Lots of natural beauty and fascinating panorama that can be enjoyed, including valuable cultural appeal of high education. Since leaving Bandung through karst hills Citatah, Loire Cimeta which is Citarum ancient, verdant rice paddies and yellowing in Padalarang-Cianjur, then enter the city of Cianjur, up toward Lampegan, tourist attraction endlessly presented on this path. Not far from there Lampegan Station invaluable historical relics are sites of Mount Padang is the largest megalithic site in Southeast Asia that unfortunately this time it is not widely known by our society.

For tourists who have been saturated with what is offered in Bandung today, namely shopping and culinary travel, train travel Bandung-Cianjur can be an attractive option. Tourists will get a variety of experience interesting and loaded with the value of education and knowledge.

p8150528Misalnya stations along the track Ciroyom-Padalarang-Tagogapu-Cipatat, train travel will be presenting Geotourism Bandung Purba Lake. Entering Cianjur, the appeal of rural tourism and agrotourism started to dominate with a stretch of fields. Activity farmers who grow rice, harvesting, plowing, and others can be enjoyed from the train windows. Moreover fame Pandanwangi Cianjur rice, chicken pelung cultivation, and a variety of vegetables and fruits which can be used as candied Cianjur potential attraction to be sold to tourists.

One time when lane-Lampegan Cianjur has been repaired, tourists can enjoy the beauty and priceless historical value of sites of Mount Padang is only eight kilometers from here. In addition, there are still a lot of potential objects and other attractions can be enjoyed at this point. Panyairan expanse of tea plantations and waterfalls waterfall Cikondang located between green tea gardens are very beautiful. Not to mention the potential of arts and cultural Cianjur, such mamaos, Cianjuran, kacapi flute, and also Dalem Cikundul pilgrimage. Everything is a potential to be mixed in one package this train excursions.


Train travel lanes Bandung-Cianjur Gunung Padang potential to be developed as one of the diversification of tourism products in West Java. The use of rail transport provide a new experience to tourists, who usually travel by car or bus.

It required high creativity in eliciting the appeal of railroad travel. What is owned by the community and region need to be explored, based on nature and local culture. Pristine natural beauty, and far from “made-up” would be more interesting than the beauty of the “artificial”. It is still necessary for improving access to attractions, the provision of basic facilities such as toilets that meet the standards, other supporting facilities, and human resources.

budibumi7310476Ada great opportunities for involvement of local communities can enjoy the benefits of rail travel this path. Community involvement can be implemented in tourist attractions, such as the performing arts Cianjur / Sunda, or in the activities of agro tourism and rural tourism activities. In addition, communities can also be invited to participate in the Sunda serving specialties for visitors, as a tour guide or a local interpreter, featuring crafts typical of the region, or other. Trains can travel just stopped at a few locations that are no events paddy rice cultivation for example.

Beyond that, with the development of rail travel lane Bandung-Mount Padang will provide benefits for all parties, in addition to the local communities in tourist track and its surroundings. Increased employment opportunities and strive for economic sector is small or even medium, the improvement of facilities and infrastructure as well as improving environmental quality, to the preservation of historic objects and the environment at this track and its surroundings.

In the course of development required the cooperation and support of the various stakeholders. PT KA as the operator and manager of the railways play a role in preparing the railway mode and support facilities. PT KA will truly become the “locomotive driver” that triggers this lonely path so that it can start moving back. On the other hand, local governments in each region to prepare remarkable destinations. This includes the preparedness of the object and attractions, facilities and infrastructure, as well as the preparation of the community and human resources support. Parties to the tourism industry was also instrumental in setting up means of support, and promote the tourist track and related attractions.

p8150590Komitmen consistent and constant is needed to realize the tourist track train Bandung-Cianjur Gunung Padang’s potential to actually be able to walk. Through good planning and development as well as coordination among the stakeholders involved, hopefully in the not too long, the development of rail travel lane is to be enjoyed by tourists, the benefits perceived by the public, and bring benefits to all parties.

(Ina Herliana Koswara, researchers and planners Tourism Planning and Promotion of Tourism / PP2Par-ITB) ***


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