Scientific Inauguration Speech – Prof.Dr. Ir. Eddy A. Subroto

Petroleum Geochemistry Role In Oil and Gas Exploration Enterprises In Indonesia, by Prof.Dr. Ir. Eddy A. Subroto

On the day of Friday, October 1, 2011, one of the best sons of ITB Prof. Dr. Ir. Eddy A. Subroto, who currently serves as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth (FITB) was confirmed as one of the great teachers in the field of Petroleum Geochemistry. He was born in Malang, June 16, 1954. Graduated from ITB Geological Engineering in 1979 and completed her PhD at Curtin University of Technology Perth Australia 1991 Petroleum Geokomia field. Detailed profiles can be found here

In the inauguration speech he delivered scientific titled “The Role of Business Geokomia Petroleum in the Oil and Gas Exploration in Indonesia”. Great expectations with the scientific works produced can provide new insights in the field of geochemistry Petroleum which can certainly contribute greatly to the development of education, research and development of the nation.

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