Location Sunda Strait Bridge 9 Richter Earthquake Prone

The government’s plan to build the longest bridge in Indonesia, which passes through the Strait of Sunda, to go through a lot of consideration.

Because the results of recent research conducted by researchers Indonesia and Australia states, the southern region of the Sunda Strait has the potential to have a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale.

According to Sri Widiyantoro, Professor of Seismology first in Indonesia, to build the Sunda Strait bridge need solid cooperation between seismic geoscience experts and the experts in civil engineering (engineering).

“Research should be carried out to the maximum seismicity, and the results used by engineers to design buildings that will be created,” she said to VIVAnews, at the Australian Embassy, ​​May 27, 2013.

According to seismologists from ITB, Irwan Meilano, related to the Sunda Strait bridge construction, seismic research team has been providing information regarding the potential earthquake engineering experts to design earthquake-resistant bridge.

Information potential strength of the quake is very important in a development. For instance, in the manufacture of the bridge connecting the island of Honshu and Shikoku Island in Japan.

“The engineers in Japan have received information about the earthquake. When the Kobe earthquake occurred, the bridge did not collapse, because its strength was adjusted to the potential of an earthquake is going to happen,” said Irwan.

Currently, the team is still focused on the research of earthquake sources that exist in every region in Indonesia.

“However, we can not give an answer to how the quake is going to happen. It was still very difficult to do,” said Irwan.

source http://www.viva.co.id

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