Bandung Sign Red Zone Groundwater

BANDUNG (26/11) – Groundwater is the earth’s resources are very important to living things. Only the presence of ground water are becoming a growing concern.

Bandung alone as a city that is bestowed fertility goes into the red zone with groundwater conditions are declining. “It is ironic because Bandung is a city fertile. The natural conditions are good, should Bandung do not need a water shortage of land. But because of population growth and the more advanced societies, the need for water was more and more,” said the Directorate General of Water Resources and Irrigation Swamp the Ministry of Public Works Eko Subekti national seminar groundwater in the West Hall ITB, Jalan Ganeca, Bandung, yesterday.

According to Eko, these conditions could create a new source of conflict. For example there is the privatization of water by some parties that the other party water shortages. “We know the water is something that is very necessary. If there is no management, water can be a trigger of conflict,” he said. Big cities like Bandung and Jakarta indeed be a crisis-prone area groundwater.

Two water sources are within easy reach, the quality is much reduced. “Surface water and rain water quality is bad. So, people use groundwater. But groundwater also has limitations, such as high lime content,” said Eko.


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