Earth Day 2016

Lokakarya2Bandung, (17.04.16). On Earth Day 2016, FITB-ITB organized a number of activities with the theme “Sustaining the Environment to Support Ecosystem Earth Balance.

The aims and objectives of these activities are:
a. Fostering awareness and the love of the earth for the younger generation
b. Helps to improve the quality of teachers of geography and geoscience
c. Provides insight and overview of the earth’s environmental problems from various viewpoints

Earth Day activities that will take place in April-May 2016, include:
a. Earth Day and workshops: 23 April 2016
The workshop will feature the theme: “The Role of FITB-ITB in Improving Teacher Quality Geography and Earth”
With key speakers:
1. The Director General of New and Renewable Energy (EBTKE) MEMR
2. Assistant West Java
3. KepalaBadan Geospatial Information (BIG)
4. Head of Geological Agency
and a presentation by the lecturer of each course in the FITB-ITB (Meteorology, Oceanography, Geology, Geodesy and Geomatics) with the topic of disaster.

b. Earth Day Fair: 23 April 2016
Booth will display a variety of companies and agencies that care about the environment and the work of the Student Association of Geodesy and Geomatics, Geology, Meteorology and Oceanography.

c. Geosciences and Geography Olympic Games: May 28, 2016
Generally Olympic Games Geosciences and Geography 2016 aims to improve the quality of education in a comprehensive Earth and geography to students high school through the National competition in an effort menstimulasibudaya learning, creativity, and motivation to achieve the best performance with healthy competition and upholding the values ​​of sportsmanship and digging Geography geoscience disciplines and in studying and understanding the science and social issues.

d. FITB-ITB student activities
– Geohumanism environmental care Citarum upstream Student GEA HMTG ITB
– A series of activities organized by students of the First Year Together (TPB) FITB ITB to socializing environment for elementary school students (16/4), I renew myself campaign on Car Free Day Dago (24/4), clean Cikapundung (26/4) and discussion of the mine environment (14/5).



Materi Lokakarya Hari Bumi – 23 April 2016


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Klik untuk Unduh Undangan Lokakarya Hari Bumi 2016


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