4 Academics FITB – ITB 58th Anniversary Awarded

(From left Dr. Aswan, ST, MT, Dr.Ir. Andri Slamet Subandrio, Ir. Benjamin Sapiee, PH.D. (dean FEST), Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsah Suryadi, DEA (ITB rector), Drs . Zadrach Ledoufij Dupe, M.Si, Dr.Ir. Dina Anggreni Sarsito, MT)


Four categories of fields that were achieved by the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology –  FEST organized by the Institute of Technology Bandung ITB in the event of the 58th Anniversary of the Institute of Technology Bandung ITB on Thursday, March 2, 2017 at the Aula Barat ITB. Into four categories, namely those fields Field Teaching, Research, Innovation Works Division and Institutional Development Division.

As for the lecturers honorees from each of these fields :

  1. Category of Teaching: Drs. Zadrach Ledoufij Dupe, M.Sc.
    The concerned student recommended by the results of the questionnaire, completeness fortofolio & DNA timely and teaching materials as well as based Lecturer Evaluation Form (FED) by Dean, besides the respective active deputy leader at the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) on September 21 to 29 2014 in Santander, Spain and Indonesia accompany the team in order to participate in the International Earth Sciences Olympiad September 11 to 19, 2013 in Mysoree, India and other positions in the ITB.
  2. Categories of Research: Dr. Aswan, ST, MT
    Concerned are active in scientific writing. Scientific papers have been published, there are 16 scientific papers including the International Journal, National Journal, Bulletin, concerned often invited as resource persons Indonesian Sciences (LIPI), the Museum of Geology of Bandung in Paleotsunami research, he is also active in the field of community services, namely: Application science of paleontology fossil traces in the field of energy in the Gas and Petroleum INPEX, the application of science paleontology for age determination (based on data from various types of micro-fossils) in the field of energy in the Gas and Petroleum Pertamina Bumi BP (British Petroleum), TALISMAN ( Well Biostratigraphy studies NASD-1, South Sumatra Basin).
  3. Category Innovation: Dr.Ir. Andri Slamet Subandrio
    concerned proposed for successfully developing innovative new works as follows:
    . Improved Usability Old Microscope System Using Digital Camera (Digital Enhanced System Camera of Old Microscope – Descom)
    Development and construction of Vertical Axis Windmills for electric power generation and Groundwater Pumping
    . Wall Clock and Hand Polarization (this time in the form of an injection second disc consists of a thin section of rock which contained between      two pieces of filter poralisasi perpendicular to each other)
    . Pump Magnet Separators For the latest Taking the example of iron sand and rocks Magnetism Test
  4. Institutional Development Category: Dr.Ir. Dina Anggreni Sarsito, MT
    Proposed considering the services concerned in the development of the institution in terms of cooperation with BIG, EDSM, development cooperation with research and education institutions within and Foreign Affairs, and served as Vice Dean for Resource ITB since 2011 until now.

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