Official, Directorate General of Taxes renew SPT Reporting Year

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Jakarta, Indonesia CNN – Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance (DJP Kemenkeu RI) will extend the deadline for the submission of tax returns (SPT) Annual Personal (OP) Fiscal Year 2016. If the annual tax return reporting deadline falls on March 31, this year extended until 21 April 2017.

This is done DJP to anticipate density due to the tax office queue membludaknya tax amnesty participants (tax amnesty) before the program ends later this month.

“Given that the conditions in March coincided with the last days of the program of tax amnesty, therefore we decided to grant an extension of the submission of their annual tax return individual taxpayers up to 21 April 2017,” said Advisor to the Minister of Finance Sector Tax Compliance Surya Utomo in a press conference at the House Mar’ie Muhammad DJP, Wednesday (29/3).

That is, taxpayers who submit their annual tax return OP 1st until April 21 will be exempt from the sanctions of Article 7 of Law General Provisions and Tax Procedures.

Extension of time, said Suryo, applied to the entire annual SPT delivery methods either through direct, delivered via postal / shipping services, or communicated through certain channels such as charging electronically (online) via e-filing and e-forms.

However, Suryo confirms the extension of time that only applies to the submission of their annual tax return. Meanwhile, the deadline for tax payments of the fiscal year 2016 remains March 31.

“The submission of the payment may resign but remain by March 31, 2017. Thus the state’s right to receive payment the state is not reversed,” he said.

Director of Counseling, Services, and Public Affairs Yoga DJP Hestu Saksama express provisions of an extension of time will be set forth in the form of the Director General of Taxes (Perdirjen).

“Perdirjen will be issued if not today, yes tomorrow,” said the man who is familiarly called Yoga.

Yoga revealed by yesterday, the amount of the annual tax return was submitted taxpayers reached 7.2 million in which 5.9 million SPT them delivered via e-filing.

For comparison, in the same period last year, the amount of the annual tax return which has delivered 5.5 million new SPT. Then, until March 31, 2016 the amount of the annual tax return submitted by 8.6 million.

“Hopefully there will be more e-filing because it is practical and reduce the burden on us,” he said.



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