Socialization of Employee Target Information System (SKP) – Tendik FEST; Tuesday, May 23, 2017. After the previous week, Socialization Information System Employees Target Task (SKP) Tendik in ITB environment by the Directorate of Staffing which was attended all Kesubbag Personnel UKA and Head of UKP Secretariat all units of ITB, today Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology through Subbag Personnel and Sisfo Socialize to Tendik in FEST.

As known, SKP is a new information system and newly launched by the Directorate of Staffing ITB is an information system that helps the Directorate of Officers who notebanenya is the host of all the Education Staff in ITB in providing Value which will later become the basis of determination of Remuneration / Incentives Received by each Tendik.

The event was attended by all Heads of Sub-Heads and Heads of FEST and over 80% of Tendik in FEST. Walk smoothly and end with a question and answer session and enjoy the dishes provided by the FEST Faculty.

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