Password Management (password) for ITB Information Technology Service Account; At the moment the INA account (ITB Network Account) is only used to access the proxy on internet access. Further utilization of INA account, used to access all online services in ITB (eg, staffing and so on).

To improve the security of the INA account, the Technology System Directorate will do the following 2 things starting on 14 June 2017:

All users must change the INA password (password) IN
Proxies use different passwords with INA and are provided by the System Technology Directorate via the link.

Here’s the recommended password setting (password):

minimum password length of 8 characters
password contains lowercase
password contains capital letters
password contains numbers.

When user account forgot password (password), can apply Reset Password by sending email to (subject: “Request Reset Password”) containing info: NIM / NIP / Nopeg or username, and Full Name .

For civitas academica or temporary personnel in ITB who do not have an INA account, can register for free to the unit where civitas academica or personnel is located. For students class of 2003 – upwards can register at More information regarding INA account, please contact nicadm @ d (dot) ac (dot) id.

Can also contact Sisfo FEST at FEST Faculty or email to

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