MoU LIPI and FEST ITB About Education Doctoral Program To Accelerate Quality Improvement Researchers and Lecturers; Friday, October 27, 2017. On this day at the Meeting Room of the Faculty of Earth Science and Technology Faculty of Technology, FEST-ITB has signed a Cooperation Agreement between Geotechnology Research Center of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PPG LIPI) and FITB-ITB on “Doctoral Program Education For Acceleration of Quality Improvement of Researchers and Lecturers “.

This signing was done by the Dean of FEST-ITB Mrs. Ir. Benyamin Sapiie, Ph.D and Dr. Eko Yulianto as Head of Geotechnology Research Center LIPI.

The event lasted quite short starting at 14.00 – 14.45 WIB but remained warm with the beginning and the end of hospitality between the two leaders of the institution. This Agreement will last for the next 5 Years.

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