Geological Engineering Students of ITB Win Asian Competition; 05 December 2017 taken from homepage

A pride for ITB because students of Geology Engineering achieve brilliant success in Asian competition. ITB team successfully won the first winner in two categories contest held by SPE PDPU Fest 2017 organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineering Pandil Dendayal Petroleum University Student Chapter (SPE PDPU SC). The first category is Showcase (Paper and Poster Competition) won by Rio, Fernaldy Sebastian Santoso, and Betari Ayu Pramita (students of Geological Engineering in 2015). The second category is Geo-log (Geology Challenge) won by Fernaldy Sebastian Santoso, Rio, and Zaky Indra Putra (students of Geological Engineering in 2015). The competition was held in Ghandhinagar, Gujarat, India on Friday to Sunday, 3 November 2017 until 5 November 2017.

Rio and team have passed a series of difficulties selection stages prior to become a winner. At the Showcase competition, the first stage that every competitor team have to pass is an abstract selection. Each team have to present ideas related to the field of geology. The total abstract received is 60 abstracts. After that, the abstract is presented to the jury to determine a winner.

In this event, Rio and team present the works with mapping themes. Specifically, Rio and the team mapped the pattern of shallow gas seepage spreads on the east coast of Sidoarjo. In addition, in the work discussed also various types of geological factors that control the dispersion seepage pattern. According to Rio, the advantage to deliver his team to be a winner lies in the simple presentation and understandable papers by multidisciplinary science. The most important to deliver the ideas during presentation should be simple and easy to understand by all audiences.

Meanwhile, at the Geo-log competition, each competitor have to answer the basic questions related to the field of geology. After that, from 100 Geo-log participant teams, selected the best 6 teams to advance to the next round. In final stage, the 6 teams tested their understanding of basic geology concepts such as mapping and rock description.

During preparing the competition, Rio admitted experiencing some obstacles. The obstacles experienced by Rio and the team are mainly related to finance. Rio said that the cost required for departure to India is quite large. However, Rio and the team found the way because the ITB Geology Engineering Study Program provided financial assistance, so that Rio and the team could join the competition. In the future, Rio hopes ITB continues to support students in various competitions both national and international competition.

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