Dr.Ir. Agung Budi Harto, M.Sc.

NIP   : 19670822 199303 1 003
The place and date of birth   : Malang, 22 Agustus 1967
Unit   : Sensing and Geographical Information Science
Field   :
Employee Status   : PNS

Education : Ir. (ITB, 1991); Magister (Chiba Univ, 1998);  Doktor (Univ, Chiba Doctor of Philosopphy bidang Geography 2001)

Scientific Publications or Scientific Work

Harto. A. B. & Kondoh, A. (1998). The Effect of Land use Change on the Water cycle: A case Study in Ciliwung River. International Conference on Hydrology sponsored by UNESCO, Taegu, South Korea.

Wikantika, K. and Harto. A B (2000), Spectral Information Analysis from Multisensor Image Fusion for land Land use/Land cover Classification in a Tropical Area. The Arab World Geographer, pp. 60-73

Runtunuwu, E., Kondoh, A., Wikantika, K., Pray’ogo, T. & Harto. A.B (2001). NDVI-derived length Of The Growth Period Estimations For Different Vegetation Types In Monsoon Asia. Proceedings of the lECI JAPAN Workshop 2001.

Wikantika, K., Tateishi, R. & Harto,A.B. (2001). The Use Of Spectral Textural Features From landsat TM Image For land Cover Classification In Mountainous Area. Proceedings of the lECI Japa Workshop 2001.

Wikantika, K., Tateishi, R. & Harto, A. B.(2001), Spectral And Textura Extraction From Optical And Microwave Remote Sensing Data For Land Use/land Cover Classification. Proceedings of the lECI Japan Workshop 2001

Harto, A. B. (2001). Study on GIS based Compalative Hydrology in Monsoon Asia. Ph.D. Thesis, Chiba University, Japan

Dipokusumo, B. S. & Harto, A. B. (2002). Study on Scanner calibration. using Grid Plate. Prosiding Forum Ilmiah Tahunan 2002, ISBN : 979 95834-3-8.

Sulistyawati, E., Hakim, D.M. & Harto. A. B. (2005). Estimation of carbon Sink Using Landsat TM Data – Case Study Papandayan Mountain West Jawa. Pertemuan Ilmiah Tahunan XlV – Masyarakat Penginderaan Jauh Indonesia (MAPIN), Surabaya

Ramdhan, M., Hakim, D.M. & Harto. A. B. (2005). Improvement of Image Interpretability with Fuzzy Logic ‘S’ Function for the purpose of image Clasifications. Conference Map Asia 2005

Poerbandono, Basyar, A. & Harto. A. B. “Spatial Modelling of Sedimen Transport over the Upper CitarumCatchment”. Diserahkan ke Proceedings ITB seri B: Engineering Science.

Other Activities

1991-1994 Asisten Dosen di Laboratorium fotogrametri, Kartografi dan Inderaja,Departemen Teknik Geodesi ITB.

1994 – sekarang Dosen di Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan ITB 1996 – 2001 Research Co-worker di center tor Environmental Remote Sensing, University of Chiba, Jepang.

1996-2001 Master and PhD Studentship dari OECF 2005 LPPM-ITB: Developing Image Processing Software in Surface Mapping Perspective

2006 LPPM-ITB: Automatization of Spatial Information Extraction in Photogrametric Mapping Process

2006-2008 Asahi Glass Foundation: Sediment Transport Dynamics and Coastline Changes of Gembong Rivermouth, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia