SG. Applied Geology


The Roots of Science / Platform Expertise

Group Scientific Applied Geology is a group of scientific bases to the basic principles of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, Geomaterial, geofluida, geomechanics, and physical environment (abiotic) for its application in the field of Economic Geologists, Geology Geothermal, Hydrogeology, Geology Engineering, Environmental Geology and Natural disasters Geology.

In principle, the Scientific Group is basing the application of geology in the activities of human life, as well as defining the geology applied by the American Geological Institute in the Glossary of Geology is the application of various fields of geology to the human activity. Note: For comparison, in the catalog of expertise at Curtin University, geology applied is defined in more detail, namely the application of earth science for the benefit of human civilization and includes surveying metallic ore deposits, fossils fuels, geothermal, and groundwater resources, and applying geological knowledge in a range of engineering and environmental Contexts.

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