SG. Remote sensing and Geographical Information Science


The Roots of Science / Platform Expertise

SG has 12 members who are qualified and research covers two main areas, namely Geospatial Processing (aerial photography small format, photogrammetric close range, remote sensing active, remote sensing environment), and Geospatial Modeling (base spatial data and fusion of geospatial data, infrastructure national spatial data).

SG is also helping the government’s mission to develop the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which is a major part of the National Mapping program. Remote sensing activities conducted by KK includes photography / aerial surveys, photogrammetry, close range photogrammetry, mapping videography, image processing, survey / mapping radar. KK activities in Geographical Information Science include spatial databases, digital mapping, geo statistical / spatial, spatial modeling, digital cartography. Since 1975 KK has been actively involved in the development of human resources, especially operators of photogrammetry, cartography, and digital mapping, to accelerate the implementation of the National Topographic mapping program.

Member SG :