Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Sciences Research Group


Basics of science / Skills platform

The Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Sciences Research Group has 12 qualified members and its research covers two main areas, namely Geospatial Processing (small format air photography, close photogrammetry, remote sensing, remote sensing environments), and Geospatial Modeling (spatial databases and fusion of geospatial data, infrastructure National spatial data).

This group also helps the government’s mission to develop the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which is a major part of the National Mapping program. Remote sensing activities carried out by research group include photography / aerial surveys, photogrammetry, close photogrammetry, videography mapping, image processing, radar surveys / mapping. Research group activities within the Geographic Information Science include spatial databases, digital mapping, geospatial statistics, spatial modeling, and digital cartography. Since 1975, this group has been actively involved in human resource development, especially photogrammetry, cartography and digital mapping operators, to accelerate the implementation of the National Topographic mapping program.