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Oceanography is derived from the word oceanography which consists of the word oceanos (meaning sea) and graphos (meaning picture). Both Greek words has a literal meaning of the image of the sea. In more detail, Oceanography is defined as the study of the physical, dynamic and chemical processes occurring in the ocean. Oceanographic studies are closely related and inseparable from other Earth studies, such as the study of lithosphere (the solid earth), the atmosphere (air), the cryosphere (the ice layer), and the biosphere (life activity).

The study scope to develop in Oceanography Research Group are Coastal Oceanography (including studies and modeling of physical, dynamic and chemical processes on the coast including estuaries, such as sedimentation and coastal erosion, peak and interaction of waves on the coast, tides and aspects Engineering, marine intrusion, marine-land intractation and marine energy potential), Regional and Global Oceanography (including studies and modeling of marine, dynamic and chemical processes at sea on a regional and global scale, such as the study of ocean air interactions, tsunamis and assessment of Indonesian cross-flow), Environmental Oceanography (including oceanographic studies linked to environmental impact aspects, such as studies and modeling on the spread of oil spills or other pollutants at sea, oceanographic fisheries and studies of the effects of physical, dynamic and chemical processes at sea Various aspects of community life such as economy, pan area management Tai and coastal disaster mitigation), Oceanographic Modeling (including the development of numerical models for studying marine dynamics, coastal processes, and marine environmental issues).

Oceanography Research Group Platform: development of theoretical and oceanographic aspects of oceanography exploring the peculiarities of the Nusantara Sea (KLN). Oceanography has the basics of Physics, and Mathematics and is supported by related Science and Technology in the field of Geosciences covering Geology, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy, Chemistry, Electronics and Management fields.

Member :

  1. Dr.Eng. Nining Sari Ningsih, M.Si. (Head)
  2. Drs. Saut M. Lubis, M.Sc.
  3. Ayi Tarya, S.Si., M.Si.
  4. Dr.Eng. Hamzah Latief, M.Si.
  5. Ivonne M. Radjawane, M.Si., Ph.D.
  6. Dr. Eng. Totok Suprijo, M. Si.
  7. Dr.rer.nat. Mutiara R. Putri, S.Si., M.Si.
  8. Dr. Susanna, S.Si, M.T.
  9. Muchamad Al Azhar, S.Si., M.Si.