Atmospheric Science Research Group


Basics of science / Skills platform


Atmospheric Science is the study of physical, dynamic, and chemical processes occurring in the atmosphere from the surface to the fringes of the Earth, and their relation to processes occurring in other parts of the inextricable Earth including the lithosphere ( solid earth), hydrosphere (ocean), cryosphere (ice layer), and biosphere (life activity). The areas of the Atmospheric Science study consist of: physical meteorology (including cloud and rain physics, atmospheric electricity, atmospheric radiation, atmospheric observation, and weather modification), weather and climate dynamics (including weather and climate system analysis and modeling, process coupling ocean-atmosphere, monsoon interaction-ENSO-dipole mode, extreme weather and climate, and solar-Earth processes), and environmental and engineering meteorology (including hydrometeorology, air pollution meteorology, agricultural meteorology, wind and solar energy potentials, on structures and buildings, the impact of weather and climate variability on the socio-economic life of the community, including the adaptation and mitigation of meteorological disaster.The group’s Platform is the physical and dynamic processes of the atmosphere above the Indonesian Maritime Continent (IMC). Atmospheric Science has the basics of Physics, and Mathematics and is supported by related Science and Technology in the fields of Geosciences, Astronomy, Chemistry, Electronics, Computing and Management.