SG. Atmospheric Science

The Roots of Science / Platform Expertise

Atmospheric Science is the study of the processes of physical, dynamic and chemical that occurs in the atmosphere from the surface up to fringe (fringe) of Earth, and its relation to the processes that occur in other parts of the Earth that is not tepisahkan includes the lithosphere ( solid earth), hydrosphere (ocean), cryosphere (ice), and biosphere (life activities). Fields of study Atmospheric Sciences consists of: meteorology physical (including physics of clouds and rain, electrical atmosphere, radiation from the atmosphere, observation of atmospheric and weather modification), the dynamics of weather and climate (includes analysis and modeling of weather systems and climate, coupling processes atmosphere-ocean-land interactions monsoon-ENSO-dipole mode, weather and extreme climate, and the sun-Earth), as well as meteorology and environmental engineering (include hydrometeorology, meteorology air pollution, agricultural meteorology, the potential for wind and solar energy, the impact of weather on structures and buildings, the impact of weather and climate variability on the socio-economic life of society, including adaptation and mitigation of meteorological disasters).

Platform Atmospheric Science Research Group is the processes of physical and dynamic atmosphere above the Indonesian Maritime Continent (BMI). Atmospheric Science has roots knowledge of Physics and Mathematics and supported by the science and technology involved in the field of Geosciences, Astronomy, Chemistry, Electronics, Computing and Management.

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