SG. Survey and Cadastre

The Roots of Science / Platform Expertise

Surveying and Cadastre is one of Expertise Group / Scientific previously located at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering – Institute Technology Bandung. In 2007, the Scientific Group of Surveying and Cadastre are in the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Engineering.

With a mission to build the education system Surveying and Cadastre are based on science and technology Spatial Information as well as preparing the Human Resources quality through the development of education in line with the development of science and technology for the progress and prosperity of the nation, by socializing the scientific field that fostered so as to realize the vision of the destination is “Building the Education System of Cadastral Surveying and Reliable”, through the implementation of the Tri Dharma College: education, research and community service, with a discipline that fostered expected to respond to the challenges and global changes.
Member SG :

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. S. Hendriatiningsih, MS. (Chairman)
  2. Ir. Kurdinanto Sarah, MSP.
  3. Ir. Moh Yamin.
  4. Ir. Didik Wihardi, MS.
  5. Ir. Agoes S. Sudomo, MS.
  6. Dr. Ir. Bambang Edhi Leksono, MSc.
  7. Ir. Sudarman, MT.
  8. Dr. Andri Hernandi,ST, MT.
  9. Ir. Rizki Abdulharis, MSc.