Applied Oceanography


1.  Laboratory name                                 : Applied Oceanography

2.  Name of Head of Lab.                        : Dr. Totok Suprijo, M.Si

      Nomer                                                       : 187/SK/Ii.C05/KP/2016 Date Februari, 5 – 2016

3.  The description of the laboratory :

This laboratory serves as an educational laboratory for the research laboratory at the same time. As an educational laboratory, facilities owned by this laboratory is used for lab courses in the curriculum of Oceanographic Studies Program. The lab also facilitates students who are working on a final project, as well as provide support for the field and excursion college students by lending tools oceanographic observation. Field of research studies conducted in the laboratory are physical phenomena in coastal waters (sedimentation, erosion, impact of the tsunami, propagation of waves, tides and currents coastal waters, as well as the dynamics of the estuary) and the dynamics of the beach. Study the dynamics of the beach is done by mathematically modeling or through field observations.

 4. Fungsi :

    1. Education

Serving practicum courses, field courses, and a final project.

    1. Research

Facilitate research which conducted the survey / observation around periran beach as measuring tides, currents and ocean waves. Also facilitate research using computational and mathematical models in coastal waters.

    1. Community service

Conduct oceanographic survey for the development and construction of coastal facilities such as ports, jetties and protection structure.

5.  The courses were served within 1 (one) last semester (Semester 1 2009/2010) :
No. Code Courses Name Subjects Prodi Users Number of Students
 1.  Kuliah Lapangan
 2.  Selam dan Navigasi Laut
6. List of business Laboratory (administrative personnel / technician / laboratory) :
 No.  Name Description Adm / Technician / Laboratory
 1.   Dadang Muchtar  Adm
7.  Spacious room (m2)                        : 700
8.  The type and number of tools (software / hardware) managed / owned (updated) :
No. Type  Function  Amount Acquisition year Source of Funds Purchases Condition (Good / Damaged)
 1.  Analog Tide Gauge  Pengukur Pasang-Surut  1  1996  OECF Loan Good
 2.  Nortek Current     Meter Profiling  Mengukur Profil     Vertikal Arus Laut  1  2007  DIPA Good
 3.  ASL Wave Meter  Pengukur Gelombang    Laut  1  2008  DIPA Good
 4.  Alat Selam  Penyelaman di Laut  10 Set  2009  DIPA Good
 5.  GPSMAP 178C  Penentuan Posisi  2  2009  DIPA Good
 6.  Valeport 106    Current Meter  Alat Ukur Arus Laut  1  2009  PHK-A3 Good

9.  Laboratory activities (Education, Research and Community Service) for 3 (three) years (please attach written evidence) :

 No. Type of activity Year
 1.  Kuliah Lapangan Mahasiswa Oseanografi  2008 – 2009
 2.  Eskursi Mahasiswa Oseanografi  2008 – 2009
 3.  Sertifikasi Penyelaman  Mahasiswa Unit Nautika-ITB  2008 – skr

10.  Brief description of future development plan that was previously set :

Will conduct education and training for students and general participants in the field of oceanographic survey and develop laboratories to carry out an independent dive certification.