Regional Oceanography


1.  Head / Laboratory Manager : Dr.Eng. Hamzah Latief, M.Si.

2.  Nomor : 658/SK/I1.C05/KP/2011, Date April, 1 – 2011

                        187/SK/Ii.C05/KP/2016 Date February, 5 – 2016

3.  The description of the laboratory :

Oceanographic Laboratory Environment is the place to assess the science of oceanography directed mainly towards problems of ecosystem dynamics of the marine environment, rivers, estuaries and beaches.

4.  Brief description of future development plan that was previously set :

2006: Improving the quality and quantity of research is being done in order to better provide a positive impact on the educational process, such as the number of students involved and laboratory facilities.

5.  Activities undertaken :

  • Completion of research activities RUT XI 3rd year
  • Implementation of the research funded by the Asahi Glass Foundation and Research Advancement ITB.
  • Continuing research collaboration with the P2MS-ITB to perform guidance along with Grant and Grant Post Character.
  • Education cooperation with the Delft Hydraulics (The Netherlands) through the transfer of knowledge in the field of Tsunami Propagation Model and flood modeling.
  • Research collaboration with the Twente University (The Netherlands) in the field of Free and Land-bounded Wave Flow and Flood modeling for Flood Risk Assessment.
  • Research collaboration with the Utrecht University (The Netherlands) in the field of sediment transport in Delta Berau (Kaltim) 2007: Continuing research funded in 2007 and looking to pursue a research collaboration with the Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine (Japan) in the field of Internal Waves in the Lombok Strait. 2008: Continuing research funded in 2008 and looking to pursue a research collaboration with the Columbia University (USA) in studying the dynamics of the Lombok Strait.