1.  Laboratory name  : Paleontology

2. Name Manager / Head of Lab.Prof.Dr.Ir. Jahdi Zaim

    Nomor : 658/I1.C05/KP/2011, Date April, 1 – 2011

                     187/SK/Ii.C05/KP/2016 Date February, 5 – 2016

3.  The description of the laboratory :

Macro Paleontology Laboratory is a laboratory that developed the sciences of paleontology and related services in the context of geology based upon the remnants of the life of fossils and traces of life within the framework of space and time. The laboratory also organizes Paleontology Lab in general studied the fossils of these phyla: Arthropoda, Bryozoans, Coelenterata, sponges, molluscs, Echinodermata and brachiopods. It is also studying the fossils of vertebrates including human fossils and studying paleontology / fossils quantitatively Biometry Analysis Method. Besides, it also applied paleontology in studying the geological history of an area, including its palaeoecology and paleoenvironment as well as in the field of geoarkeologi.

4.   Function :

      a. Education

         Organizes lectures on paleontology and related sciences, among others:

1. Subject Paleontology (GL.2171) / LTO-S1

2. Subject historical geology (GL3271) / LTO-S1

3. Subject Geokonsep (GL-5101) / LTO-S2

4. Subject Paleontology Invertebrates (GL4072) / Option-S1dan S2

5. Subject of Vertebrate Paleontology (GL4071) / Option-S1dan S2

6. Study of Human Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (GL5073) / Option-S1dan S2

7. Subject Quaternary Geology (GL5072) / Option-S1dan S2

8. Subject Quaternary geochronology (GL5071) / Option-S1dan S2

9. Subject Geoarkeologi (GL4073) / Option-S1dan S2

      b. Research

Carrying out research activities in various regions in Indonesia independently or with the research collaboration with universities from abroad in the field of paleontology, the Quaternary Geology, palaeoecology, and Paleoenvironment and Geoarkeologi, namely by:

a. University of Iowa – USA, 1999 – present

b. University of Texas at Austin – USA, 1999 – present

c. University of Michigan – USA 2006 – present

d. Universty of Frankfurt – Germany, 2001 – present

e. Institut de Paleontologie Humaine – Paris, France, 19 980 – now

f. Universiti Sains Malaysia – Penang, Malaysia, in 2008

g. National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, 2007 – present

      c. Community service

  1. Do counseling and coaching Development of High Hill Nature Museum from 2003 to 2009.
  2. Conducting International Exhibition of Palaeontology and palaeoecology in collaboration between Lab. Paleontology ITB with the Institut de Paleontologie Humaine – Paris, France, Universty of Frankfurt – Germany, and the University of Phillipine at Diliman, Philippines, September 2008.
  3. Do counseling and coaching development Geological Museum Patiayam 2004-2005
  4. Study Changes Jambi Beach during the Quaternary (Kerma Government of Jambi and Archeology ITB) 2008.

5.  The courses were served within 1 (one) last semester (Semester 1 2009/2010) :

 No. Code Courses Name Subjects Prodi Users Number of Students
 1.  GL2171  Paleontologi – Wajib  Teknik Geologi  85 Orang
 2.  GL3271  Paleontologi Sejarah – Wajib  Teknik Geologi  85 Orang
 3.  GL5101  Geokonsep – Wajib  Teknik Geologi  25 Orang
 4.  GL4072  Paleontologi Invertebrata – Wajib  Teknik Geologi  15 Orang
 5.  GL4071  Paleontologi Vertebrata – Wajib  Teknik Geologi  5 Orang
 6.  GL5073  Paleontologi Manusia dan Paleoantropologi –  Pilihan  Teknik Geologi  5 Orang
 7.  GL5072  Geologi Kuarter – Pilihan  Teknik Geologi  25 Orang
 8.  GL5071  Geokronologi Kuarter – Pilihan  Teknik Geologi  15 Orang
 9.  GL4073  Geoarkeologi – Pilihan  Teknik Geologi  5 Orang

6.  List of business Laboratory (administrative personnel / technician / laboratory) :

 No.  Name Description (Adm / Technician / Laboratory)
 1.  Nurrohim  Administrasi dan Teknisi

7.  Spacious room (m2)      :   Lab. Paleontologi (Makro) 176 m2

8.  The type and number of tools (software / hardware) managed / owned (updated) :

 No. Type  Function  Amount Acquisition year Source of Funds Purchases Condition (Good / Damaged)
 1.  CPU P3 800  Mhz, Memory/RAM  512 SDR  Pengolah  Data  1  2003  Pribadi (lab) Good
 2.  Monitor SONY 52x  1  2003  Pribadi (lab) Good

9.  Laboratory activities (Education, Research and Community Service) for 3 (three) years (please attach written evidence):

 No. Type of activity  Year
 1.  Asia Link Program for Scientific Research  September 2004  sampai 2008
 2.  Geology and Vertebrate Paleonto logy of Sangkarewang West Sumatera  Mei 2006
 3.  Geoarchaeology of the Sangiran Dome, and Ngandong Area, Indonesia  Juni – Agustus 1999  – 2006
 4.  Geoarchaeology of Ngandong Area, Indonesia  Juni – Agustus 2007
 5.  Ekskursi Internasional ke tempat-tempat penemuan fosil manusia di Pulau Jawa  (kerjasama Institut Teknologi Bandung – J.W. Goethe University Germany)  26 Juli – 10 Agustus  2005
 6.  Ekskursi Internasional ke tempat-tempat penemuan fosil manusia di Jerman dan  Belanda (kerjasama Institut Teknologi Bandung – J.W. Goethe University Germany)  28 Juli – 11 Agustus  2006
 7.  Geology and Vertebrate Paleontology of Sawahlunto Area, West Sumatera  Juni – Agustus 2009
 8.  Penelitian Paleontologi Vertebrata Fosil Ikan Paus Daerah Surade, Sukabumi Selatan –  Jawa Barat  Juni dan September  2003 – 2004
 9.  Research on Quaternary Geology and Paleontology of Sumedang and Majalengka  Areas, West Java  September 2003