Submission of Dean List Award for Outstanding Student Semester I-2008/2009 in the Environment FITB, (07/05) Located at the Seminar Prof. Goenarso hosted the awards ceremony for outstanding students Dean’s List first half of 2008/2009 in the Environment FITB. The event lasted two hours and was opened by the Dean of FITB Ir. Lambok Hutasoit, M.Sc, Ph.D, in his speech he congratulated the achievements that have been achieved and hope continue to improve and maintain it.

Dean’s List award was given so that students are constantly motivated in increasing academic achievement, even according to the records we received Dean’s List recipient each year continues to improve and show a positive trend this year alone for the first half reached 100 people. The award ceremony was given by the Dean of FITB to students who earned a 4.00 NR on behalf Adhi Pramudito and other Ruyati.Penghargaan submitted by each Kaprodi or a representative of which is represented Dr.Ir.Bambang Geological Engineering Department Priadi, Prodi Oceanography by Ivonne RM, M.Sc, Ph.D, Prodi TeknikGeodesi by Dr.Ir. Supreme Budiharto, M.Sc and Meteorology by Dr.rer.nat Prodi. Armi Susandi.

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