Rio Priandi Nugroho and Amanda Dawn Febiani Vice FITB in International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)

IESO was first held in Daegu, South Korea in 2007. IESO 2nd in the Philippines and a IESO the 3rd place in Taiwan. On the participation of the first in South Korea, Indonesia achievement four bronzes. While on the IESO-3 in Taiwan, Indonesia increased achievement by winning one silver and two bronze. Tim IESO Indonesia consists of Ardy Ramadan (SMAN 48 Jakarta), Asri Oktavioni (SMAN 8 Jakarta), Ega Gita Prasastia (SMAN 2 Purwokerto), Dawn Febiani Amanda / 16.3101 million (SMAN 1 Banjarnegara), I Wayan Punia Prog (SMAN 1 Amlapura) , Kamil Ismail (MAN Insan Cendikia Serpong Banten), Mikey (SMAN 1 Pekanbaru), and Rio Priandri nugroho / 16,310,132 (SMAN 3 Yogyakarta). While coordinating team that will assist students Indonesia is Saptono Budi Samodra of Geological Engineering, Dr. Judge L. Malasan of Astronomy ITB, Joko Wiratmo of Meteorology ITB, and Warsito Atmojo of Oceanology UNDIP.

A series of development activities and the selection process has been followed well by Indonesian students are selected to represent Indonesia. According to Budi Samodra Saptono, one faculty adviser IESO, the students have been trying hard to be able to master the material, because almost all materials provided for coaching is not found in the school. IESO selection process this year, up Saptono, done four times more selective with the screening process. “Coaching first meyeleksi 32 students to 22, then to 15 people, 10 people, to elect eight students at the selection stage IV which will be the team Indonesia in the event the IESO. Later the eight students will be divided into two teams, those teams B and A team, each team of 4 people. team A is the core team that will be included in the count of the medals, while the B team just as the visitors or observers, “said Saptono.

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Eighth students Indonesia, further Saptono will still follow the last stages of development or clarification of the final to be held after the Eid celebrations.

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