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Free Online Journal : JVGR & IJCG

Free Online Journal : JVGR & IJCG

fitb.itb.ac.id; Department of Geological Engineering Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth provides the facility of online services 2 (two) international journals, namely:

  1. Journal of Volcanology and Gheotermal Research (JVGR) dan
  2. International Journal of Coal Geology (IJCG)

In addition to two (2) of the international journal, there are three (3) pieces of textbooks have been available in the library KLOMPE namely:

  1. Gheotermal Energy : an Alternative Resource for 21th Century
  2. Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Resource for Power Generation
  3. Gheotermal Power Plant; Pronciples, Application, Case Studies and Environment Impact
Journals and textbooks is an Institution Based Competition Grant Program (PHKI) FITB Geological Engineering Department in 2010. Students can take advantage of the journals and textbooks for free.

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