Dr.rer.nat. Poerbandono, ST., MM

NIP   : 19700125 199702 1 001
The place and date of birth   : Jember,25 Januari 1970
Unit   : Science & Systems engineering Coastal & Marine
Field   : Hydrographic Science and Engineering
Employee Status   : PNS

Education :

  1. Doctor December 2003 – Doctor in Natural Science (Dr. rer. nat), Univ. Klel – Germany, Field: Coastal Geosciences and Engineering, Predicate: Magna Cum Laude October
  2. 1996 – Master of Management (MM), Postgraduate School, ITB Master Undergraduate
  3. April 1995 – Bachelor of Engineering (Sarjana Teknik – ST), Department of Geodetic Engineering, ITB

Scientific Publications or Scientific Work

Winter, c., Mayerle, R., Palacio, c, Poerbandono, Ricklefs, K., Toro, F. & Wilkens, J. (2003). Field Measurements and Analysis. In: Zielke et al. Prognose mittelfristlger Kostenmorphologieanderungen. Schlussbericht, Institut fur Stremungsmechanik, Univ. Hannover.

Poerbandono & Mayerle, R. (2003). Effectiveness of Acoustical Backscatter Measurements from Acoustical Profilers for Estimation of Suspended sediment Concentration. IEEE 7th Working Conference on Current Measurement Technology. San Diego, USA.

Poerbandono, Winter, C. & Mayerle, R. (2003). Field Measurements of Sediment Dynamics in Tidal Channel: Preliminal)’ Results. Coastal Sediment ’03 Conference. Florida, USA.

Poerbandono (2003). Sediment Transport Measurement and Modelling in the Meldort Bight Tidal Chan¬nels, German North Sea Coast. PhD Thesis. Universitat zu Kiel. Kiel, Germany. Poerbandono (2004). Hydrography and Coastal Geosciences: Understanding Nature and Dynamics of seabed and Water Bodies through Measurement and Modelling. Bilateral Workshop on Coastal Re-sources Exploration & Conservation: Indo-German Experiences. Bali,

Poerbandono & Mayerle, R. (2004). Modelling of sediment Transport Dynamics in a Tide-Dominated Coast case Study: Meldort Bight Tidal Channels, German Wadden Sea. Coastal Engineering 2004, World Sc., Singapore.

Poerbandono & Mayerle, R. (2004). Assessment of Empirical Approaches for Converting Acoustic Echo Intensity into Suspended Sediment Concentration. FIG 2004 Conference. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Poerbandono & Mayerle, R. (2005). Investigation of Tide-dependent and Primary Modes of Sediment Transport on the Basis of Reid Measurement and Numerical Model Simulation. 15th Workshop on Ocean Models for the APEC Region. Jakarta, Indonesia. Suryaningtyas, M., Wikantika, K.,

Poerbandono & Djunarsjah, E. (2005). Identification of Coastal Re-treat and Destruction Area due to Tsunami Based on Satellite Image Interpretation. case Study: Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Proc. 15th Workshop, World Ocean Model & Inf. System. Jakarta, Indonesia. Poerbandono & Ojunarsjah, E. (2005). Survei Hidrografi. Refika Aditama, Bandung, Indonesia.

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Winter, c., Poerbandono, H. Hoyme & Mayerle, R. (2005), ModeUing of Suspended Sediment Dynamics in Tidal Channels of the German Bight Die Kueste, Heft 69. German Coastal Engineering Research Council. Hamburg, Germany.

Poerbandono (2006). Technique, Reliability and Application of High Frequency Acoustic Current Meter for Estimating Coastal Dynamics Parameters. Jurnal ITENAS 10(1) (in Bahasa).

Poerbandono, Basyar, A., Harte, A. B. & Rallyanti, P. (2006). Estimation of Annual Sediment Yield of the Upper Citarum catchment, West Java, Indonesia. Proc. Env. Tech. & Manag. Conf., Bandung, Indo¬nesia.

Poerbandono, Harte, A. B., AdiJ, I. & IIova, F. (2006). Assessment of Coral Reef Environment using Hy:” dro-acoustic Data, Aerial Photos and Satellite Images. case Study: Semak Daun Island, Java sea, Indonesia. Proc. Env. Techn. and Manag. Conf., Bandung, Indonesia.

Poerbandono, Basyar, A .• Harto. A. B. & Rallyanti, P. (2006). Evaluation of Changes on Erosional Behav¬Iour of the Upper Citarum catchment using Spatial Model Infrastruktur & Lingkungan Binaan 2(1), 21-28 (in Bahasa).

Poerbandono, Basyar, A. & Harto, A. B. (2006). Spatial Modelling of Sediment Transport over the Upper Citarum catchment Proceedings I1B in Engineering Science 38B(1).

Ali, H., Poerbandono, Wikantika, K. & Wisayantono, D. (2006). Environmental Sensitivity Zone Modelling due to Oil Spin. case Study Pramuka Island, Jakarta Bay. Proc. 15th Annual Sc. Meeting, Indonesian Remote sensing Soc., Bandung (in Bahasa).

Poerbandono, Harto, A. B. & Adil, I. (2006). can SPOT Image be Altematively Used for Charting Envi¬ronment with Complex Seabed Morphology? Proceedings of the 15th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Indonesian Remote sensing Society, Bandung. Poerbandono & Harto, A. B. (2007). Detection of Erosional and Accretional Zones of Coastline across Gembong Rivermouth, North Java, Indonesia. Proc. ITB – Univ. Karlsruhe Workshop, Bandung, Indonesia.

Other Activities

1996 – 1997 Assistant at the Hydrography Laboratory, Dept. Geodetic Engineering, ITB

1997 – now lecturer, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ITB Member, Hydrographic Science and Engineering Research Division, ITB

1999 – 2003 Research co-worker, Coastal Research Lab., Univ. Kiel, Germany.

2005 Post-doctorate research fellow, Coastal Research tab., Univ. Kiel, Germany.

1999 – 2003 German Academic Exchange Service: PhD Studentship

2005 German Ministry for Education and Research: Post-doetorate Fellowship, Science for the Protection of Indonesian Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Project

2006 – 2008 Asahi Glass Foundation: sediment Transport Dynamics and Coastline Changes of Gembong Rivermouth, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia.

2007 ITB Research Scheme: Analytical Study of Current and seabed Interaction across Estuarine Environment for Identification of Local Erosional and Accretional Pattern

2007 – 2008 Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sdences: Geochemical Monitoring of Coral Growth Banding in Porites Corals as a Proxy of Anthropogenic Induced Pollution and Environmental Modification. case Study: Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta Bay, Indonesia