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Atmospheric Science Research Group

Scientific Research Group Platform

IPTEK Meteorology : Atmospheric Science, Operational Meteorology, Applied & Industrial Meteorology

Development / Prioritization of Scientific Research Group

Includes: Operational Meteorology to answer the National Meteorological Services (NMS) Mission WHO i.e. Observation, monitoring and prediction of weather and climate in the country; Hydrometeorology develops as a branch of Science and Technology (IPTEK) Meteorology which studies the problem of water resources; Applied and Industrial Meteorology was developed to answer environmental problems, i.e. Air Quality, Renewable Energy Sources, Climate Change and its impacts.

Member  :

No Name Position Priority of Sciences
1 Dra. Atika Lubis, MS. Head Water Resources Management
2 Drs. Zadrach Ledoufij Dupe, M.Si. Member Climate change, climate variability and atmospheric-marine interactions.
3 Dr. Tri Wahyu Hadi Member Dynamic Meteorology
4 Dr.rer.nat. Armi Susandi, M.T. Member disaster information system, air pollution monitoring system, climate policy, utilization of climate weather information for agriculture and industry
5 Dr. Joko Wiratmo Member Tropical Meteorology, agrometeorology, global climatology
6 Musa Ali Mustofa, M.Si. Member Indonesian climatology, tropical meteorology
7 Dr. Plato Martuani Siregar Member Physical Meteorology
8 Dr. Nurjanna Joko Trilaksono Member Meso Scale Meteorology
9 Dr. Rusmawan Suwarman, MT. Member Regional Hydrometeorology
10 I Dewa Gede A. Junnaedhi, M.Si. Member Physical and atmospheric boundary layer dynamics, experimental and numerical studies of atmospheric boundary layers, meteorology of wind energy, local circulation, and hydrometeorological disasters in the atmospheric boundary layer
11 Edi Riawan, S.Si.,MT. Member Hydrometeorology of Flood Disaster
12 M. Ridho Syahputra, M.Si. Member Synoptic Meteorology
13 Mamad Tamamadin, M.Si. Member Air quality, environmental meteorology, wind and solar energy
14 Rahmawati Rahayu, MT. Member Micro Meteorology, Urban Meteorology
15 Faiz Rohman Fajary, M.Si Member coupling of the troposphere-stratosphere, the influence of atmospheric waves on extreme weather