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Engineering of Sea, Coastal and Maritime Region

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No Name Position Priority of Sciences
1 Prof.Dr.Ir. Widyo Nugroho SULASDI Head Optimization of Engineering Systems for the Development of Coastal, Marine and Maritime Areas
2 Dr. Ir. Eka Djunarsjah, M.T. Member Water Boundaries and Ocean Government
3 Dr. Ir. Samsul Bachri, M.Eng., Ph.D. Member Ocean Properties Modeling
4 Dr.rer.nat. Poerbandono, S.T., M.M. Member Integrated Coastal Zone Management  on Archipelagic State
5 Dr. Ir. Agus Suparman Suriadiharja, M.Sc. Member Under Water and Sea Bed Mapping
6 Dr. Ir. Dwi Wisayantono, M.T. Member Marine Resource Modelling and Disaster Protection
7 Dr.rer.nat. Wiwin Windupranata, S.T., M.Si. Member Watershed, Estuary and Coastal Morphology
8 Miga Magenika, S.T., M.T. Member Coastal and Maritime Economic Development