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Dean Decree No : 658/SK/I1.C05/KP/2011 and 187/SK/Ii.C05/KP/2016, February 5 – 2016


Geodynamic Laboratory is a research facility for lecturers and students especially who are taking Final Report, thesis and dissertation. Research that conducted has focused on imaging 3D earth interior structures at local (volcanic), regional (subduction) and global (earth mantle) scales. During this study more emphasis on the process of computing / processing of seismic data and interpretation of the resulting model. In the future, physical modeling will be developed, especially related to the oceanic plate subduction process.


  • To conduct education specially for final report, tesis dan doctoral research
  • To conduct research

Courses served in the last 2 (two) semesters:

 No.  Code Courses name  User/Study Program  Student
 1.  GF3121         Geodynamic  Geophysic  30
 2.  GF4223  

Physics of Earth’s Interior

Geophysic and FL  30
 3.  GF3222         Geophysical Tomography  Geophysic and FL  30
 4.  GM7132         Seismic Tomography  Earth Science and Geophysical Engineering (Master student)  5
 5.  GM6232         Advanced Geodynamics   Earth Science and Geophysical Engineering (Master student)  5
 6.  GM8031         Core Earth-Mantel Interaction    Earth Science (Doctoral student)  3
 7.  GM8034 Structure and Physics of    Earth’s     Interior    Earth Science (Doctoral student)  3

Space area 6 m2 


 No.  Type  Function  Unit     Year of acquisition  Funding/Grant Resources  Condition (good/Damaged)
 1.  Workstation  Data  Processing 1 1999  Grant from Univ. Tokyo Good
 2.  PC  Data  Processing 3 2000, 2002,   2004  RUT VIII, Grant from BMG and  RUT XI Good
 3.  Printer  Print 2 2000, 2004  RUT VIII and RUT XI Good

Development plan:

  • Year 2006 : 4D volcanic seismic tomography volcano and P and S wave tomography for ‘super volcano’ under Toba
  • Year 2007: Atenuation tomography modeling
  • Year 2008 : Physical modeling of oceanic plates subduction processes