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Applied Oceanography


Head of Laboratory Dr. Totok Suprijo, M.Si

Dean Decree No : 187/SK/Ii.C05/KP/2016, Februari 5 – 2016


Applied Oceanography Laboratory serves an educational and research activities. As an educational laboratory, all the laboratory facilities are used for practicum courses in the curriculum of Oceanographic Study Program. This laboratory also facilitates students who are working on the final report, and provide facilities for field activities and student excursions by lending oceanography observation tools. The field of research studies conducted in this laboratory are physical phenomena in coastal waters (sedimentation, erosion, tsunami impact, wave propagation, tidal and coastal currents, and the dynamics of estuaries) and coastal dynamics. The study of coastal dynamics is done by doing mathematical modeling or through field observation.


  • Education: serving course laboratory, field study, and student final report.
  • Research: facilitating researcher who conducting surveys / observations around coastal waters such as tide measurements, flow and ocean waves. Also facilitate research using computational and mathematical models in coastal waters
  • Community services: conducting oceanographic surveys for the development coastal facilities such as ports, jetty and coastal protection buildings.

Courses served in 1 (one) last semester (Semester 1 FY 2009/2010):

No. Course code Course User (study program) Student
1. Field Study
2. Diving and Marine Navigation

Space area 700 m2 


No. Type  Function  Unit Year of Acquisition  Funding/Grant Resources  Condition (good/Damaged)
 1.  Analog Tide Gauge  Tidal Generator  1  1996  OECF Loan  Good
 2.  Nortek Current     Meter Profiling  Measuring Vertical Sea Flow Profile  1  2007  DIPA  Good
 3.  ASL Wave Meter  Sea Wave Gauge  1  2008  DIPA Good
 4.  Alat Selam  Diving  10 Set  2009  DIPA Good
 5.  GPSMAP 178C  Positioning  2  2009  DIPA  Good
 6.  Valeport 106    Current Meter  Sea Flow Measuring Instrument  1  2009  PHK-A3 Good


 No.  Activities Year
 1.  Field Study for student  2008 – 2009
 2.  Excursion for student  2008 – 2009
 3.  Diving Certification for Nautika-ITB Student  2008 – present

Development plan:

To conduct an education and training for students and general participants in the field of oceanographic surveys and develop laboratories in order to implement independent diving certification.