1.  Laboratory name                                           : Geodinamik

2.  Name Manager / Head of Laboratory : Dr. Ir. Agus Handoyo Harsolumakso

     SK Dekan Nomor  : 658/SK/I1.C05/KP/2011

                                         187/SK/Ii.C05/KP/2016 Date February, 5 – 2016

3.  The description of the laboratory :

Geodynamics is a research facility of faculty and students, especially who are taking TA, theses and dissertations. Research conducted so far focused on imaging the 3D structure of the Earth’s interior at a local scale (the volcano), regional (subduction zone) and global (mantle). During this study more emphasis on the process of computing / seismic data processing and interpretation of the resulting model. Forward modeling will be developed physically, especially those related to subduction of oceanic processes.

4.   Function: (yes / no)

  1. Education: yes (especially for TA, theses and research S3)
  2. Research: yes
  3. Community service: no

5.   The courses were served in 2 (two) last semester :

 No. Code Courses Name Subjects Prodi Users Number of Students
 1.  GF3121  Geodinamika  GF  30
 2.  GF4223  Fisika Interior Bumi  GF dan FL  30
 3.  GF3222  Tomografi Geofisika  GF dan FL  30
 4.  GM7132  Tomografi Seismik  SB dan TG (S2)  5
 5.  GM6232  Geodinamika Lanjut  SB dan TG (S2)  5
 6.  GM8031  Interaksi Inti-Mantel Bumi  SB (S3)  3
 7.  GM8034  Struktur dan Fisika Interior Bumi  SB (S3)  3

6.  List of business Laboratory (administrative personnel / technician / laboratory) :

 No.  Name Description Adm / Technician / Laboratory
 1.  Adang  Laboran

7.  Spacious room : 6 m2 (updated)

8.  The type and number of devices managed / owned (updated):

 No.  type  Function  amount Acquisition year Source of Funds Purchases Condition (Good / Damaged)
 1.  Workstation  Data  Processing  1  1999  Hibah Dari Univ. Tokyo Good
 2.  PC  Data  Processing  3  2000, 2002, 2004  RUT VIII, Hibah Dari BMG dan  RUT XI Good
 3.  Printer  Cetak  2  2000, 2004  RUT VIII dan RUT XI Good

10.  Brief description of future development plan that was previously set :

  1. 2006: Modelling of volcanic and seismic tomography 4D tomography P wave and S for ‘super volcano‘ under Toba
  2. 2007: Modelling tomography attenuation
  3. 2008: Physical Modelling subducted oceanic plates