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Petrology, Volcanology, and Geochemistry Research Group


Scientific Research Group Platform

Petrology, Volcanology, and Geochemistry

Development / Prioritization of Scientific Research Group

Volcanoes, Geothermal, Development of Geochemistry for Resources Exploration and Geological Disaster Mitigation Activities

Member  :

No Name Position Priority of Sciences
1 Prof. Dr. Ir. Eddy A. Subroto Head Petroleum Geochemistry
2 Dr. Ir. Andri Slamet Subandrio, Dipl.Geol. Member Economic Geology and Mineral Deposits
3 Dr. Ir. Bambang Priadi Member Inorganic Geochemistry (Rock Geochemistry, Soil and Environmental Geochemistry, Geochemical Exploration)
4 Ir. Niniek Rina Herdianita, M.Sc., Ph.D. Member Geothermal Exploration, Geothermal Geochemistry, Hydrothermal Alteration
5 Ir. Nurcahyo Indro Basuki, M.T.,Ph.D. Member Mineral Deposits ore Mineral Petrography
6 Dr. I G.B. Eddy Sucipta, S.T., M.T. Member Petrology of Volcanic Rock
7 Arif Susanto,S.T., M.T. Member Petrology (Geothermal, Petrology of Sedimentary Rock, Hydrothermal Alteration
8 Dr.Eng. Very Susanto, S.T., M.T. Member Surface Geochemistry, Gas and Environment Geochemistry, CCS.
9 Dr.Eng. Mirzam Abdurrachman Member Petrology of Volcanic Rock
10 Dr.Eng. Asep Saepuloh, S.T.,M. Eng. Member Remote Sensing Volcanology