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Doctor of Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering


Hoempage : http://gd.fitb.itb.ac.id/

The Master and Doctoral Program in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering is one of the Academic Education Programs at the Earth Faculty of Science and Technology (FITB) – ITB held since 1980.


Prospective participants are Master of Science (Msi) or Master of Engineering (MT) can access the registration page on line at page http://usm.itb.ac.id

Program Curriculum

The Doctoral Program curriculum consists of 42 credits arranged into 6 (six) semesters. The design of the doctoral program education consists of 3 main stages, namely:

Phase Activity Volume Objective / Target
I Lecture :


Mandatory Lecture     :  5 sks Development of Insights and Systems of Doctoral Thinking
Elective Lecture    :  8 sks
II Qualification Qualification Exam : 3 sks

Proposal Exam   : 3 sks

Measuring Readiness and Qualification before Dissertation Research
III Research and

Dissertation Exam

Progress Seminar I, 2, 3, 4,  : ( 4 x 5 sks) Dissertation and Promotion Work
Closed Session, Open Session (3 sks)


Dissertation Research

Dissertation research was held in the second year. Thesis research objects are managed using a 4 (four) Research Group Roadmap (Scientific Group) namely:

No Research Group Research Focus
1 Geodesy 1.Reference System

2.Gravity Field

3.Earth Rotation and Geodynamic

4.Positioining and Application

5.Spatio-Temporl Disaster Monitoring

2 Surveying and Cadastre 1.Surveying and Engineering


3 Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems 1.Remote Sensing


3.Geographic Information System

4 Engineering of Sea, Coastal and Maritime Region 1.Waters Boundaries & Ocean Government

2.Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)  3.on Archipelagic State

4.Marine Reasources Modelling and Disaster Protection

5.Coastal and Maritim Economic Development