Doctor of Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering


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The Master and Doctoral Program in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering is one of the Academic Education Programs at the Earth Faculty of Science and Technology (FITB) – ITB held since 1980.


Prospective participants are Master of Science (Msi) or Master of Engineering (MT) can access the registration page on line at page

Program Curriculum

The Doctoral Program curriculum consists of 42 credits arranged into 6 (six) semesters. The design of the doctoral program education consists of 3 main stages, namely:

Phase Activity Volume Objective / Target
I Lecture :


Mandatory Lecture     :  5 sks Development of Insights and Systems of Doctoral Thinking
Elective Lecture    :  8 sks
II Qualification Qualification Exam : 3 sks

Proposal Exam   : 3 sks

Measuring Readiness and Qualification before Dissertation Research
III Research and

Dissertation Exam

Progress Seminar I, 2, 3, 4,  : ( 4 x 5 sks) Dissertation and Promotion Work
Closed Session, Open Session (3 sks)


Dissertation Research

Dissertation research was held in the second year. Thesis research objects are managed using a 4 (four) Research Group Roadmap (Scientific Group) namely:

No Research Group Research Focus
1 Geodesy 1.Reference System

2.Gravity Field

3.Earth Rotation and Geodynamic

4.Positioining and Application

5.Spatio-Temporl Disaster Monitoring

2 Surveying and Cadastre 1.Surveying and Engineering


3 Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems 1.Remote Sensing


3.Geographic Information System

4 Engineering of Sea, Coastal and Maritime Region 1.Waters Boundaries & Ocean Government

2.Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)  3.on Archipelagic State

4.Marine Reasources Modelling and Disaster Protection

5.Coastal and Maritim Economic Development