Geological Engineering


Engineering Geology Laboratory initially named Geological Engineering and Environmental Laboratory which is an amalgamation of the Lab. Geological Engineering, Lab. Environmental Geology and Lab. Geohydrology. Laboratory serves fields of study above, and testing of the engineering characteristics of the soil, rock and water.

Head / Laboratory Manager : Dr. Eng. Imam Achmad Sadisun, S.T., M.T.

Function :

  • Education: Provide engineering knowledge in the field of engineering and environmental geology and hydrogeology with multiple testing using test equipment, both in the laboratory and test equipment in the field
  • Research: Conduct tests of both the samples taken from the field or directly in the field testing in the fields of engineering and environmental geology and hydrogeology.
  • Community service: Provide technical services in the field of engineering and environmental geology and hydrogeology of the issues in the community such as foundation problems, movement of soil, groundwater, water pollution and soil, as well as engineering geology and environmental issues and other hydrogeological.

The courses were served within 1 (one) last semester :

  • GL-2101 Komputasi Geologi
  • GL2181 Geofluida
  • GL4021 Pengantar Rekayasa Batuan
  • GL-4022 Geologi Lingkungan
  • GL-3081 Hidrogeologi Umum
  • GL4043 Geologi Bahan Konstruksi
  • GL5021 Geologi Tanah
  • GL5024 Geologi Teknik Lanjut
  • AT5103 Geologi Air Tanah
  • GL5023 Geoplanologi
  • GL5002 Mitigasi Bencana Alam Geologi
  • GL5021 Geologi Tanah
  • GL5022 Geologi Longsoran
  • GL5025 Geologi Teknik Batuan
  • GL7002 Kapita Selekta Geologi 2

Facilities :

  • Area Space (m2) : 98.37 m2
  • Laboratory equipment owned: Oven 2 units that are used to dry the soil sample, GPS 1 unit is used for mapping, Sondir / penetrometer 1 unit used to determine soil strength, Electric Sieve Shaker (sifter) 1 unit, Bor hand / hand auger 5 units used to take samples of soil types in, Dyrect Shier test two units, Scales, Triaxial test, permeability test, Aterberg test, Point Load Test, Saws, Slake durability test, soil Test, Smith Hammer, Release sample ; AWLR; Oxigen meter; pH meter; DHL meter;

The development plan ahead predefined:

  • In the field of education organized and Studio Practicum course Engineering Geology, Soil Geology, Engineering Geology Rocks, Geology Bandung Basin, Geotourism.
  • Continuing research into the two-year grant of Higher Education Competence: Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Palabuhanratu Travel Destinations, Kab. Sukabumi
  • Apply for research to sources of research funding.