Petrology and Volcanology


Petrology and Volcanology Laboratory is one part or sub-families of the Scientific Group of Geology. Petrology is one of the basic science of geology yangmempelajari on rocks in the earth’s crust, which includes igneous rocks, pyroclastic rocks, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Volcanology is the study of everything related to the volcano.

Head / Laboratory Manager : Dr. I Gusti Bagus Eddy Sucipta, ST., MT.

Education : Provide support through laboratory work in lectures related to the science of petrology and   

Research  : Conduct research in fields related to science petrology and volcanology
Dedication to the community   : Doing service to the scientific community and the world of mining and

                                                                        petroleum industry by conducting analysis of rocks and minerals.

Activities that have been implemented to support the three functions:

  • Carry out laboratory work in lectures
  • Site Selection Study Area NPP (BATAN)
  • Reservoir rocks petrograpbic Analysis Samples from Papua (BP Indonesia)
  • Analysis of rock samples from Sulawesi petrograpbic (PT INCO)
  • Petrology studies rocks Carbonate Formations Rajamandala (Research Grant PT EXXON MOBIL)

Subjects who served :

  • GL2041 Crystallography and Mineralogy
  • GL2042 Petrology
  • GL3041 Volcanology and Geothermal
  • GL3141 Mineral Optics and petrograpbic
  • GL3142 Mineral Deposition
  • GL4099 Final A
  • GL3042 Petrogenesis
  • GL5141 Advanced petrology
  • GL5142 Petrographic Reservoir
  • GL5043 Rock Alteration
  • GL5044 Petrology Sedimentary rocks
  • GL5143 Petrology rocks Magmatis

Facilities :

  • Spacious Room 180 m2
  • Laboratory equipment available :
    • Binocular microscope as many as 10 pieces, which serves to magnify objects rock,
    • Polarization microscopy 13 units, which serves Viewed rocks in thin section,
    • Reflection Microscopy 3 units, which serves to Seeing rocks in thin section (mineral opaque)
    • Polarization microscopy photos 2 units, which serve as a tool in a thin section of rock photos