Handover Key room for Professors at ITB and Purna Bakti Dr.Ir. Antonius Cipto Rahardjo

Bandung, fitb.itb.ac.id – On Monday, February 22, 2010 handover key Labtek room in Building IV Geological Engineering Program for the professor in the Department of Geological Engineering Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth. The presence of Professors composed of Prof. (em). Dr. R.P. Koesoemadinata, Prof. (em). Dott. Sampurno, Prof. (em) .Dr. Soejono Martodjojo, M.Sc., Prof. (em). Dr. Harsono Pringgoprawiro and Dr. Sukendar Asikin. was warmly welcomed by the lecturer in the Department of Geological Engineering, While the speech delivered by Vice Dean for Resource Dr.Ir. Rubiyanto Kapid represent Dean FITB.

The chamber was intended as a place to indulge the professors in order to maintain and improve the academic performance with respect to contributions to the wealth of knowledge is primarily concerned with scientific experience.

It also carried out an event Full Bakti Dr.Ir. Antonius Cipto Rahardjo who will retire as of 1 March 2010. His last position was Associate Professor, born in Yogyakarta, February 16, 1945. Dr.Ir. Antonius Cipto Rahardjo graduated Bachelor in Geological Engineering ITB 1974, then went on the Master of Education at the Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris IV) France passed in 1981, as well as education Doctorate in Geology / Palynology at the same place and graduated in 1984. In his organization recently served as Head / Manager of the Laboratory of Paleontology and active in IAGI (Indonesian Geologists Association).

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