Diving Certification For ITB Lecturer Oceanography

andar Lampung — In order to support the implementation of courses and to prepare faculty diving courses and sea navigation (OS3050) in Oceanography FITB program, then on 22 to 24 February 2010, held diving certification level A-1 (one star) in Tegal Island waters, the Gulf of Lampung, Lampung Province. Diving certification is followed by three (3) professors from KK. Oceanography, namely Ivonne M. Radjawane, Ph.D, Dr. rer.nat Pearl R. daughter, and Dr. Eng. Totok Suprijo, as well as one (1) participant of KK. Atmospheric Sciences Drs. Zadrach L. Dupe, M.Sc. These diving instructor certification is Mr Jimmy Godjali which is also listed as a national diving instructor Indonesia (POSSI) and accompanied by two assistant instructors namely Mira Yosi, M.Si (Alumni GM-ITB 1990) and Wildanto, S.Si (Alumni Engineering Geologic ITB 2001).

During the certification process, dives in the waters of Pulau Tegal – Lampung Bay performed a total of 4 (four) times in two days (22 and February 23, 2010) with a maximum depth of 15 meters. In a dive in the sea, participants at once introduced by instructors on marine life found in the dives and live in the waters of the coral (coral reef), such as puffer fish, sea urchins (sea urchin), coral types of anemones, sea turtles, various starfish, stingrays , clown fish / nemo (clown fish), fish and chicken feathers (lion fish). After two days filled with material dives, the certification process continued with test expertise swim or snorkel at the surface (surface diving) on ​​24 February 2010 in the coastal waters of the Gulf Mutun- Lampung. Implementation of this certification also received support equipment (air tubes) and assistant instructor of Natural Sciences-University of Lampung (UNILA), therefore at the end of the event the certification visits to campus UNILA to pilot cooperation activities and also delivery thank the dean Faculty-UNILA and Mom Endang Ph.D (department of Biology professor and chairman possi UNILA Lampung. (TSJ)

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