Earth Day 22 April 2010

Bandung, (22/10) In commemoration of Earth Day which falls on 22 April, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology Bandung Institute of Technology held a series of activities including drawing and coloring contest with the theme earth in the face of the earth 2110, planting time capsule, planting and distribution of mahogany trees to all the participants and the declaration Center of Excellence for Earth (CEOLTEK).

Ir. Lambok Hutasoit, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth opening event, held at the Campus Center Building ITB. He said that regeneration is essential to replace the seniors and it is time for the younger generation more concerned to preserve the earth. The participants in the coloring contest were students in kindergarten level, while the draw is a student of the elementary school level total number of participants reached 130 people. This activity involves students from different set of students in the Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth.

It also shows enlivened by the appearance of a modern dance school BPI, film about the Earth and guest star appearances Andi Yudha from pica trigger creativity. The moment of commemoration of Earth Day is also commemorated with the planting time capsule containing a message, hopes and aspirations of the participants were written and then inserted in the capsule, it plans time capsule will be opened back in 2020. In order to preserve the earth’s committee in cooperation with PT. Perhutani Unit III West Java distributed to the participants of mahogany trees and symbolically planted a tree behind the campus center adjacent to the time capsule.


While in different places do Declaration of Center of Excellence for Earth (CEOLTEK) involving the principal sebandung highway. This activity was initiated by Dr. Ketut Wikantika (Member KK Sensing and Geographical Information Science) and several other faculty staff. This declaration was organized to establish cooperation with existing schools sebandung highway in preparation for the Olympics terrestrial.

Occurrence of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming and other natural phenomena may bring us all to immediately save our planet from ourselves and our immediate environment from human activities that can cause damage.

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