Selection 2010 National Achievers

Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education (Directorate of Higher Education) held a national selection for students, lecturers, head of study program (Prodi), laboratory, administrative personnel and financial managers of academic achievement which was held on 12-16 July 2010.

For the selection, one of the clerks FITB is Mrs. Tri Sugiarti Irianingsih, Sos (Subsection Academic) represents the ITB to follow the selection of the best academic administrative personnel national level.

Rate academicians aforementioned achievement based on the work of superior achievement, managerial work, integrity and personality are assessed by a jury appointed by the Higher Education through a series of desk evaluation and presentation.
And Alhamdulillah after going through a selection process eventually Mom Tri Sugiyarti Irianingsih, S.Sos ranks 3rd category of Best Academic Staff Administration National Level in 2010.
On behalf of FITB, we said good, hopefully achievements obtained can be further enhanced and beneficial for the entire academic community in particular FITB and ITB in general.

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