Benjamin Sapiie, PhD et al Achieves the Top Ten Poster Presentation AAPG International 2013 Pittsburgh, United States

Bandung, (31/07) Faculty of Science and Technology of Earth back after previous achievement of students who won medals at the Olympics of earth, this time through the teaching staff as well Kaprodi Master and Doctor of Engineering Geology Benjamin Sapiie, Ph. D along with Meli Hadiana (Students) and Ade Kurniawan (student) received the Award of Excellence “Top 10” Poster Presentation of AAPG International 2013 in Pittsburgh, USA. Paper presented entitled “Structural Characteristic of Oblique Convergent Strike-slip faulting: A case study of the Seram Through, Indonesia”.

AAPG (The American Association of Petroleum Geologists) is an organization of professional geologists world headquartered in Oklahoma, United States. Established in 1917 AAPG focuses on the advancement of geological sciences (particularly in the exploration and production of petroleum).

Congratulations to Benjamin Sapiie, Ph.D., et al for the achievements! ….

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